Good morning, and Happy Easter from my Hunker-Bunker overlooking the Puget Sound in Seattle.  It is 0500 and 41° and dark outside, and the forecast is for the dark to give way to light in about an hour.  A perfect day for an Easter egg hunt.

I am NOT liking the new-fangled editor on WordPress.  It has got to be the most convoluted piece of shit I’ve ever had to deal with.

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  God To Trump: Stop Pimping My Word, And Start Reading It OP-ED

I cannot think of any public figure who least represents Jesus-like behavior than Donald John Trump.  Ricky Gervais is more ‘god-like’ than The Donald, for fuck sake.  

“Oh, but he’s ‘flawed,'” you might say.  That would be an understatement.  There’s “flawed,” and there is grift.  Trump is grift.

Item 2:  End of era: BOSTON MARKET hanging by a thread

I have never understood how Boston Market lasted as long as it has.  I mean, I could pick up a roasted chicken in any grocery store in the country for less money and more convenience.  But then, Taco Time and virtually every other fast food joint sucks too.  If you are carrying around that extra 30+ pounds and have some health issues, blame your diet of fast food.

Item 3:  Fear of missing out? Find the joy in saying ‘no.’

I fear NOT missing out.  Please leave me out of all your reindeer games, I do not wish to participate in anything that involves peopling.  I see more than enough people on a daily basis as it is, I don’t need to go out and seek more human activity…

Item 4:  FBI Agent Says He Hassles People ‘Every Day, All Day Long’ Over Facebook Posts

Oh, I wish one of these guys would show up here at my Hunker-Bunker over some opinion that I’ve posted.  Especially without a warrant.  I know my way around the US District Courts, and I know what a 42 USC §§1983 complaint is, and how to litigate it.

Item 5:  A conservative publisher actually had ties to George Soros. Litigation ensued.

Oh dear, George Soros?  Tell us it isn’t so!  How dare George spend his money on Left wingnut causes!

Oh, wait, what?  *checking notes*  A Conservative publisher?  What the fuck, George, you are our evil political sugar daddy…

Honestly?  I’ve never really understood the Right wing anger for George Soros, other than maybe he is Jewish and tends to lean Left and gives to left-leaning causes.  It’s not like there aren’t a lot of Right-leaning billionaires giving money to Right-leaning causes.  Remember, money is speech… 

Item 6:  Trump, Biden clash over Transgender Day of Visibility falling on Easter

Okay, not exactly sure why this is an issue.  March 30th of EVERY year is Transgender Visibility Day.  It just happens that Easter — a man-made holiday — lands on the 30th this year.

“Easter was here first!”

Bullshit. Easter was a re-branding of a pagan holiday.  You’all do your thing, let the Trans people have their own thing.  If you have a problem with it, perhaps try to mind your own business for once.  I find that I don’t get quite as upset if I don’t stick my nose in where it doesn’t need to be…

Item 7:  Russia says United States must share any information it has on attack near Moscow

What, wasn’t having a heads-up warning not enough?  After all, Putin publicly dismissed the warning as propaganda from the West, and after being caught with his dick in his hand, he quickly tried to blame Ukraine for the attack, only to have it land like a dull thud on his foot.

Item 8:  Florida is about to erase climate change from most of its laws

Even as the water levels rise to erase much of the land that Floriduh sits on, we just won’t call it “climate change”.  The Ice Age was just some chilly weather.

Item 9:  Embittered Republicans plot to knock off House GOP’s hard-right leader in Virginia primary feud

The senior Republican staffers in the House are leaving in droves.  Republican Congresscritters are not waiting for the end of their terms to head for the doors.  The general Right wing public is starting to sour on the ‘freedumb’ caucus for its utter lack of accomplishment.

It’s one thing to have find and voice a grievance, it’s yet another to actually DO something constructive about it.  

Bitching about shit is easy.  Actually DOING something constructive about it is hard work.

Need help with substance use disorder or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.


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