… And Again, And Again…

It took me an hour and a half to get from my Hunker-Bunker to my office perched between two stadiums — only 5.8 miles away. I could have walked in that space of time.

I need one of these bad boys:

Imagine having a Caterpillar D8 Dozer for your commute. The twat in the car ahead of you at the stoplight texting on her phone 30 seconds after the light turned green? Fire this baby up and shove her out of your way.

Did you see what I did here? I was able to insert an image here! I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I am absolutely giddy right now! I’ve made some progress here by pinpointing the actual problem here, and it has to do with the ability to upload and serve images. I may have also stumbled upon a bit of a solution, although it is not the correct one.

Several years ago, WordPress changed their editor screen from regular HTML to a “block editor” I’ve never liked the block editor — most people don’t — so I’ve always used a plugin that uses the legacy “classic editor” instead of the “block editor”.

Well, because of the funky configuration on this server, the legacy “classic editor” will not allow you to upload images. If you try, it will cause an error and will crash the server. But if you use the standard “block editor”, it seems to be working alright.

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"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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