Good morning from my office nestled between two stadiums in Seattle.  It’s a tad bit warmer this morning, a whopping 31° F, and it looks like this is the end of our Winter here in Seattle.  From here on out, it is supposed to be rainy and 40+.   At least I won’t have to hear all the California transplants complaining about how c-c-c-c-cold it is outside.  Meanwhile, I am still out there in my short sleeve shirts and no jacket.  I’ve lived in Alaska and Minnesota before — this ain’t shit, but it will stop a Trane…

It’s early — 0422 hrs and I have a lot of shit to do today.  We’re getting ready to blast a hole in the wall large enough to drive a truck through it … into the parking lot next door that we bought last Spring for $22 million bucks and some change.  I have to meet with the contractors in about an hour, so let’s get this shit done and over with, shall we?

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:    Half of Republicans in Iowa Didn’t Want Trump

I think you will find that more than half of Americans don’t want another Trump term.  An almost equal percentage don’t want another Biden term either.

I suspect that if the weather hadn’t been so cold, Trump wouldn’t have done so well.

Item 2:    Dead Heat in New Hampshire!

Early polling indicates that Haley is equal to Trump.

Item 3:    Chuck Grassley in the hospital for treatment of infection

Ninety years old.  WAAAAY too old to be in Congress.  Surely, there are much younger Republican firebrands that could have stepped up to take the job…

Item 4:    Cops: Urine Big Trouble Now, Florida Woman

You had me at “Florida Woman”.

Item 5:    More than half of US’s 25,000 cities are predicted to become ghost towns by 2100

I certainly won’t be here.

Item 6:    Federal power is on the chopping block at SCOTUS

Honestly?  Don’t really give a fuck any more.  If it were up to me right now, I’d break this whole thing up and let each region go its separate ways.

Item 7:    Pakistan warns of ‘consequences’ after Iran’s deadly bombing killed two children

What the fuck are they going to do?  It’s not like they get along with any of their other neighbors.

Item 8:    Sharing Fake Nude Images Could Become a Federal Crime Under Proposed Law

If anyone wants to take the time to create a fake nude image of me, I hope they do me justice…

Item 9:    Tesla owners in freezing Chicago stuck in ‘car graveyards’ as vehicles won’t charge

Batteries are not all that efficient if they are exposed to the extreme cold.  But then, MOST cars of any kind of power plant has issues in the extreme cold.

Item 10:  Virginia officials find misreported 2020 election votes added to Trump’s total

So Trump’s loss was even greater?  Huh.


What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Signs – Netflix

The story takes place in the fictional town of Sowie Doly, in the Owl Mountains. When a woman is murdered at the lake near a local mine, commissioner Micha? Trela, the new commander of the town police, who recently moved to Sowie Doly with his daughter, takes on the case. During the investigation, threads from previous years appear, relating both to the recent murder and that of a student a few years before, whose case was never solved.


Music I found on the Rott Server

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Today’s selection brought to you by the letter

O” and “P

Memes From the Meme Box

I receive dozens of memes in my Meme Box on a daily basis from people all over the landscape.  Some are political, some topical, but most are just everyday events with a little fun inserted.  My absolute favorite are just photos that will speak those thousand words clearly.












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January 17, 2024 18:10

Is that the 16000 square foot lot to the north for $22 million? That’s a lot for a simple country boy to comprehend. I have no doubt it makes good business sense to purchase it, but I don’t know how it works.

On a separate note, I appreciate the notification when I log in that I am about to lose any information I typed on a form (so I can copy and not re-type). I wish more sites would do that. Hint, hint, Missouri Department of Agriculture… (like they are reading this)

January 18, 2024 19:38

No, I was referring to something different. I typed my comment, but I was not logged in. When I pressed the button to log in, I received a warning that anything I had typed in a form was going away. Having just experienced a crapload of data lost in a form I was filling out to renew an animal shelter registration, I appreciated the warning.

Anyway, is considerably more crisp than this place. It’s odd that Misha keeps paying the bill for hosting matters but doesn’t really do anything about the site. To each his own, I suppose. You’ve already gone well past ‘above and beyond’ here. I suppose moving the site and redirecting makes sense if you continue to jack around with the site. But then maybe you enjoy spending a lot of time on this site…if it was faster you wouldn’t be able to kill as much time on it.

January 17, 2024 19:54

Thank you for hanging in there. Having gotten sick of modern social media, I miss. Alot of great blogs


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