Good morning from my Hunker Bunker normally overlooking the Puget Sound but is this morning socked in by fog with a visibility of about 200 feet as the dark becomes the light.  Oh wait, take off my glasses…  well, not quite as foggy.

I’ve decided that it isn’t up to me whether I shut this site down.   When I’ve finally had enough of this, I will just make the FORUM the Front Page here.  It will allow anyone with a Rottie Membership to log in and provide a topic.  You wouldn’t have to be a member to comment.

This way, anyone who registers and becomes a member in good standing can post topics to discuss.  I wouldn’t have to provide content.

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Okay, to the

News That Caught My Eye

Item 1:   Colorado Supreme Court removes Trump from 2024 ballot

TL:dr Version:  Colorado Supreme Court Opinion (PDF)  I read these things — even the dissents.  You won’t get that from the “news”.

The 14th Amendment section 3 is self-executing.  If it can be demonstrated that a person was directly involved in what has been officially referred to as an ‘insurrection’ for legal purposes.  Trump is currently under numerous felony charges in relationship to his attempt to remain in office.  Plain text is simple.  All that is needed is to demonstrate Trump was involved, and the 14th Amendment kicks in.  The only thing that can override that is two-thirds of Congress voting to override the ban.  The Supreme Robes have until January 4th to take this one up.  Tick tock.

Item 2:  Florida man pleads guilty to threatening murder of Supreme Court Justice John Roberts

You had me at “Floriduh Man”.

Item 3:  Black, Gay Republican Heckled With Slurs at MAGA Event

This is a joke, right?  A gay black “Republican” at a MAGA event?  I saw a quick bit of a video and it appeared like he was deliberately making a scene, to invite attention.  It quickly turned ugly for him.  I’m not sure what he expected.

Item 4:  Judge orders release of docs naming 177 people involved in Epstein case

Finally, I get to see MY kind of porn!  I have this sense of schadenfreude seeing these people exposed.  I don’t care which “side” these despicable waste of human skin are on; I don’t care how much of a wonderful person they’ve been up until now.  I don’t care of their current or previous status, I don’t care how much money they have.  NONE of that is important here, other than knowing who the fuck they are, and making sure they are stripped of all their trappings, titles, and statuses.

Item 5:  The polling is clear: Biden needs to get popular again quickly or drop out

Biden is stuck.  His support among young people is waning because of the Israel / Hamas war.  We are bound by treaty to support Israel, and the Religious Right would lose their minds if he wavered in any way.  ([to see the snide comment, you must be a paid member])  The longer he continues to allow Israel free rein to prosecute their war against Hamas, the more people will turn away from him.  He also loses a substantial number of independents if he waivers.

There is a distinct pattern of support for and opposition against wars.  The war in Ukraine has a simple side to support:  the one where the civilians are being bombed and killed.  Same goes for Gaza.  Young people… amirite?

Item 6:  New York to Consider Reparations for Descendants of Enslaved People

So how does this work?  Is this apportioned by slave or by descendant?  It really matters. If it is an award per slave divided up by all the living descendants, then that number is going to be a mere pittance.  If it is an award per descendant, then that number could be hundreds of billions of bucks.

I remember about forty years ago, it was discovered that the motorists driving across the Evergreen Floating Bridge had been paying tolls for twelve years past the expiration date, and the state was required to pay it all back.  But to whom and how much each?  There were no records, you paid 35 cents and you drove on.  I don’t remember the amount that was overpaid, but it was a lot for the time.  The state ended up donating it to… themselves, for freeway maintenance.

I see the same thing happening with this reparations thing.  Nobody is going to prove they are descendants of  a slave in New York.  Not even 23andMe can be that precise.  Too many woodpiles…

What the Fuck Did I Just Stream?

Trevor Hoah: Where Was I? – Netflix

His latest Netflix special.

From the Meme Box:





In case you are wondering why the support for Hamas is high at the moment



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December 20, 2023 13:45


December 21, 2023 16:03

Egypt completes border wall to keep out Palestinians from Gaza
Meanwhile, more than 10 million illegals have walked into U.S. since Biden took office

By the way, did you know that many of them are bringing TB back to the US with them?


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