I love memes.  I don’t care who or what they lambast,  they are entertaining.

Memes don’t have to be true, or even accurate — they are simply a snapshot of the mind of the person posting them.

We run across these memes on a daily basis.  Some we laugh at, others we roll our eyes.  You may even get angry over some you see — which is stupid, considering the only person that can make you angry is yourself.  YOU control your emotions, not the stimuli around you.

I thought we might have some fun here and use this thread to post memes.  Don’t know how?  It’s simple:  just copy the image address and paste it in the comment.  ONE CAVEAT:  the address MUST end with a .jpg or .jpeg or .png or .gif or it won’t post as an image.

Try to have some fun with this.

Okay, this one isn’t a meme, but it showed up in my meme-box today and felt the need to share it.

This clown let his friend die instead of calling 911.


Well, it’s YOUR turn now.  Give us your best.  Go wild.

HINT:  You can do multiple images by posting the image address instead of trying to upload just one image.  

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By Your Sock Puppet

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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