From the looks of it, we are pretty much stuck with Joe Biden as the Democratic defendant of the Presidency.  We could rant and rave about age and mental capacity until the Cows with Guns come home, but there’s no sense in rambling on about the same old crap.  Joe Biden is running for re-election and as such will most likely run unopposed — not even Bernie is interested.  But then, I can’t think of anyone — on any side — that I would like to see run.

Can we go for four to eight years without a president?  Just put the whole damn thing on autopilot and forget about it for a while?

Would anyone really notice after a while?

So okay, we have this growing number of GOP candidates in various stages of flirting.  Some, like Donald Trump, have already declared, while others, like Ron DeSantis are making noise but have yet decided to put themselves out there on the market.

Then there are those who have made it clear that they are NOT going to run.

Now that the Republican line-up is starting to shape up, are you going to stick with The Donald, or are you going to look for something different this time?

Me?  I’ll hold my nose and vote for Biden if I have to, but I am interested in seeing some new faces.

Contrary to the popular belief here, I have never been a ‘loyal’ member of any political party.  It might surprise most of you to learn that over the years I have cast more votes for the GOP presidential candidate than I have for a Democratic one.  I tend to vote against the ‘change agents’ and those who would disrupt the status quo.  Also, the less I hear from, or about a president, the better I feel.

I’m not excited about any of the candidates currently running.  But then, I’ve always been suspect of anyone who wants to be president.  I mean nobody in their ‘right mind’ would want to be put through all the bullshit it takes to be POTUS.  You would have to be a flawed human to seek something like that out.  We have more than a few exhibits that seem to prove that out…

So my question to you is who do YOU like in the potential GOP lineup?  Are you going to stick with Trump, or are you looking at kicking someone else’s tires?





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By I'm THAT Guy

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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