No, that is not a typo. This constant harping of useful (and just plain) idiots about shutting down all use of so called fossil fuels (they are not in any way related to fossils other than age and even that is tenuous) as latest research seems to point to on going processes within this ball of dirt that are constantly producing chemical byproducts such as oil, gases of all kinds and numerous compounds of great utility to modern technology. And it is not only oil.

Want to mine manganese nodules (and gold) from the sea bed? No, you will disturb the habitat of the rainbow cuttlefish or some such.

Want to drill for nice clean burning natural gas? No! Politicians bowing to the green lobby dollars will make sure you can’t get the lease, or permit or whatever new barrier they can erect under the banner of “saving the planet”. Remember when it was “save the whales”? Then “save the poley bears”, or the spotted owl, or the delta smelt, or the satyr butterfly, or the Texas horny toad, not seen in over 140 years, or “pick your critter du jour”.

Want to run some nice well designed and safely buried pipelines to safely move fuel, gasses, or precursor product to market? Not a chance, you are destroying the ecology of whatever. Of course when the same goods now move by water or rail transport, with multiple higher chance for spills and human disaster, no t a peep out of the entire rotten political/protest ecosphere.

Well, some mainstream articles are beginning to filter out of the press, latest being how fortunate EU and and the UK are this winter, it has been incredibly mild so far. Almost sounding like a prayer to the gods (not that they believe in such ). Well between the lines, I read “holy crap, we as in the government/press axis, are all going to be in real trouble if trend ends”.

Also not much reported is that fact that all those nuclear plants slated for closure are suddenly not in so much of a hurry, nor the fact that the UK has been firing up their recently shuttered coal fueled generating stations, and even Japan and Korea have suddenly re-assessed the need to quickly get more nuclear power going. Heck, the energy minister in Frogland told the greens to go pound sand and many of that group are actually coming over to recognizing that they need more nuclear power. Sacre bleu!

But what about us in the good ole’ USA? Don’t see much reality filtering in yet. Barriers are not being lowered, ecological impact statement process still takes years, even decades, Excessive BS to strangle our economy is in place and being added to daily by un-elected bureaucrats while congress looks the other way and plays with tin soldiers and unicorns.

We need to goose things a bit. Any time one of these greens or pet political hacks show up, get in their face and ask them to hand over their shoes, socks (if they wear any), shirt, belt, eyeglasses (plastics yannow), surrender their cell phone, car, bicycle (can’t have tires or fuel where that evil oil, gas and coal are in there). Ask if they have a home or apartment, tell them to disconnect the power lines, phone lines, cable TV, furnace/water heater. Every one requires power of some sort, which they are against. Oh, and let’s not forget water and waste utilities, those require energy to clean and move.

Bottom line is that all this crap is not by happenstance. It is planned, funded and pushed by a relatively small group of people that want to destroy the greatest impediment to power and control over others nothing less than the concepts enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and precursors of law, the Magna Carta and distilled English common law while recognizing natural rights bestowed by our creator.

All these idiots need to be chopped off at the feet; pretty sure the word “defeated” comes from that sentiment. Sadly few appear to contemplate other possible outcomes such ast a French method which might suddenly come back in vogue affecting the opposite extremity.

Would it not be grand if more read up on past civilizations, their empires and the cycle of founding/ expansion/ era of peace,/decay and ultimate failure?

The greens will not succeed, they are losing steam due to lack of followers and losing more every day. Putting food on the table seems to have a salutary effect.

On that cheery note, have a great weekend all, the soap box is still in the park corner.

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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