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The Great Swindle of 2020 (UPDATED)

So Florida got called within 2 hours of polling stations closing. As far as we know, that’s the first time that’s ever happened. As we recall, especially back in 2016, that one state was the one that we always had to wait for until the early hours of the next morning, but not this year.

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It’s Voting Time

First of all, though, allow us to apologize for our extreme absence. Life has been very busy for us, and the ever-increasing levels of Stoopid™ out there in the wild (honestly, if alien civilizations were to discover us in this state, we’re not sure they wouldn’t be justified in deciding to just sterilize the whole

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Happy Easter

A bit late, we know, but we’ve been having a hard time getting in the right Easter mood this year, what with jackboot-happy Gauleiters goose-stepping all over our country fining Christians for celebrating Easter in their cars with their windows rolled up, exposing absolutely nobody to any sort of risk. At least we won’t have

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So… Are We Still Going to Commit Ritual Suicide to Avoid Dying of Kung Flu?

Just asking for a friend. Justinian. He’d really like to know. Mainly because he’s laughing his arse off down in the Imperial Quarters. So the latest numbers from the “We’re All Going to Die Institute”, aka the IHME, while we’re all busy watching our life’s savings go down the drain with the comforting thought that

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Rest in Peace, Dear Warrior

I think it goes without saying that I was in shock when I logged on and found the post below as the first thing I saw. LC Mike, KotE, the Imperial Tobacconist no longer among us? I don’t know that many of those still around these parts need much of an introduction to Mike. A

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It Was 50 Years Ago Today…

Make America Great Again! Thatisall.

Happy Birthday, America!

243 years young and still the hottest chick on the planet! G-d bless y’all, and G-d bless the United States of America! Thatisall.

He is Risen


No, Nothing Has Disappeared

The archives are very much still there, it’s just the links are a bit messed up. Once I figure out how to hook the databases back up (which may take a bit with my non-existent HTML-fu and lack of available time), they’ll be back. But all of the content is still there. As you may

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A Movie to Watch

We only just recently learned of Unplanned, the movie. As a matter of fact, the main reason we learned of it was that the oh-so-very-not-censoring Twatter suddenly banned the producers’ Twatter account right in the middle of release week, which would be last week. Then, once the Schiff hit the fan, unbanned it again, claiming

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Yes, We’re Still Alive

And if nobody really wonders or cares, we blame all of that on ourselves. But we at least owe to to whomever still checks out this site to see if anything’s happening, and G-d bless you for it, we are truly not deserving of you, to let you know that we’re not dead. We, oh

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Remember, Remember, the Sixth of November

GET OUT AND VOTE!   Thatisall.

Minor Disturbance in the Force

Our thanks to those who let us know that the site went “dark” with a 500 error there for a bit. What those errors mean is that some local code shat the bed, which is exactly what happened here. Thankfully, our Imperial Tech Wiz was on the case to fix it and we’re back up.

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In the Meantime…

And on a completely different subject much closer to home, our LCs in the Carolinas and thereabouts remain in our prayers. Stay safe and get through this one in one piece! Thatisall.

Yes, We’re Still Here

Just a quick “hello” from our ignoble self to let you know that we haven’t disappeared or forsworn intemperate blogging fore’er more. Just a lot busier than usual and weighed down by the usual crap, piles of bills and whatnot. As are we all from time to time, for such is mankind’s lot. We note

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