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sildalis Prix: Achat en Ligne Sans Ordonnance

, airheaded cow “journalist” of the New York Slimes writes an entire article blaming the tragic death of a bar owner on Sean Hannity of FOX News downplaying the severity of Chinese Lung AIDS, right?

Because the poor man made the decision to go on that cruise more than a week BEFORE Hannity downplayed it.

Er… Garbled. Say again. Are you telling us that Sean Hannity, Time Lord of FOX News, has the incredible power to reach BACK in time more than a week to influence somebody’s decisions? Wow. That’s amazing! We should probably find a way to include Hannity in the Imperial Pantheon. He might get mad at us otherwise, and we surely wouldn’t want that!

We’re just happy to learn that the downplaying that Ginia the Infantile of the New York Whines did BEFORE the poor guy went on his trip obviously had NOTHING to do with it.

Rope. Tree. Journalist.
Some Assembly Required.


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