More from the little Adolfs all over the country enjoying the Lockdown Theatre entirely too much:

Days ago, a popular skatepark in San Clemente was filled with 37 thousand tons of sand to discourage skaters and “promote social distancing,” Los Angeles CBS reported.

“San Clemente had shut down all its parks and facilities on April 1 under the state’s stay-at-home orders, but skaters ignored signs warning against trespassing at the Ralphs Skate Court, 241 Avenida La Pata,” the report said. “Since park facilities have been closed city officials say they routinely saw people visit the skatepark, even by some children accompanied with their parents, according to the San Clemente Times.

“Children? With their PARENTS? Don’t they KNOW what Der Führer has ordered?”

City officials told the newspaper they followed in the footsteps of other cities, and filled the skatepark with 37 tons of sand.”

What other cities’ footsteps are you following, pray tell? What other cities, exactly, have performed enormously costly, tax-payer funded acts of mass destruction and vandalism on property out of spite? We’d really like to know, so that we may mock those jackbooted freaks too.

Authorities never notified the nonprofit group that raised money to support the skatepark about the sand dumping.

Why would they? Authority means never having to ask for permission for anything. Until you find yourself dangling from the end of a rope

, that is.

Officials manning a skatepark in Venice Beach followed suit, again, all in the name of public health.

“By Friday afternoon, the ramps and bowls at the park located at 1800 Ocean Front Walk were buried beneath enough sand to make them unrideable,”

Idiocy and fascism is a virus. It spreads like wildfire, and currently the centre of the outbreak appears to be in KKKalifornikate.

Filling in playgrounds to fight the sniffles, one skate park at a time.

Oh, and now that the taxpayers of California have paid to have their parks destroyed, they get to pay AGAIN to have them cleaned up one day. Must make all of those Woke Democrat voters out there so very

, very proud of themselves.

It reminds us a bit about that particularly obnoxious kind of toddler, you know, the kind that is so insanely jealous of another child’s enjoyment of a toy that he destroys it out of spite.

“If I can’t have it, NOBODY can have it!”

Thank G-d we don’t live in a Blue State!


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