Aaaand….well, we DID answer it.

Latest Chinese Consulate Pansygram Arrives
Tim Blair, The Daily Telegraph
April 23, 2020 3:44pm

Our flubie friends at Sydney’s Chinese Consulate have been in contact again, this time to register Beijing’s official rage over an excellent Daily Telegraph illustration:

On 22 April, The Daily Telegraph newspaper in New South Wales of Australia published an article that included a defaced design of China’s national emblem maliciously linking COVID-19 with China.

The image – shown above, and to be shown repeatedly until its pixels are worn down to invisibility – accurately linked the Wuhan flu to China.

This act has gravely hurt the feelings of the Chinese people …

Doubtful. You know what really hurts the Chinese people? Executing thousands of them every year.

The Chinese Consulate General in Sydney strongly condemns and firmly opposes it.

Whatever. Makes no difference to us.

It is not clear yet where the COVID-19 virus originated.

Wuhan. It originated in Wuhan. This joint. Wuhan. W-U-H-A-N.

Virus tracing is a complex scientific issue that requires scientific and professional expertise.

This would explain why China is telling the Middle East that the virus came from America. It’s all that scientific and professional expertise, you see.

What the Daily Telegraph has done is not only ignorant and contemptuous of science, but also shows disdain for the tremendous efforts and sacrifices made by the Chinese people in fighting the pandemic.

Speaking of Chinese people fighting the pandemic, how’s the silencing going? And the disappearing? Hope you’re meeting the quotas.

The national emblem of China is the symbol of the People’s Republic of China and is inviolable.

Go suck a bat, collectivist freaks.

To desecrate the national emblem of China is to insult China and the Chinese people.

For “people”, you mean “ruling despotic goons”. Oopsy – another insult! My, are we ever in trouble.

Freedom of speech must never infringe on the bottom line of human conscience and social morality and should never become an excuse to insult China and Chinese people.

Excuse us, but we don’t take instruction on freedom of speech from commies who punish it.

We hereby demand that The Daily Telegraph make a public apology …

Check your address, kids. You’re in Dunblane Street, Camperdown – not Beijing. Your demands count for exactly nothing here.

We urge the newspaper to abandon its ideological bias …

And what happens if we don’t abandon our bias towards liberty? What’s China’s next move? Another pansygram from the Consulate’s obedient tutu boys?

Do something useful in the global fight against the pandemic

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, rather than the other way around.

Hmmm. What would be “the other way around” here? Should we do something global in the useful fight? Should we pandemic fightily in the global use? Should we useful something in the globe-o-demic?

All too difficult. We’ll just keep being free instead.

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By LCBren

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