We didn’t expect them to act with such alacrity, but it appears that the Enemedia have already found their scapegoat for the Mueller Fuckup.

It is, of course, abundantly clear that the Enemedia will never ever admit to being guilty of having force fed fake news to the public for two years and change regarding the “collusion” nonsense. They’re already on record stating that they never, ever, swearsies, did what they spent thousands of hours and metric fucktons on electrons doing for all this time, namely to hype up the Heinrich Mueller witch hunt every single chance they got.

We’re not going to bore you with putting up the four hundred compilations of every single Enemedia outlet masturbating to their wholly unsubstantiated claims that “the wheels were coming off”, “the walls were closing in”, “collusion”, “Russia”, “treason” and so on and so forth, you’ve probably already seen them all and, if you haven’t, a quick YouTube search will bring them up immediately.

Yet, for all of the FaceBork/YouTube/Twatter monopoly’s claims of only banning accounts and channels for “fake news”, it will be a cold day in Hades before you’ll see any of the Lügenpresse’s accounts being shut down for having deliberately, with malice aforethought, spread fake news for all of this time.

Still, Americans aren’t quite as dumb as the Enemedia think they are (although, based on election results over the past few decades, we have to admit that they’re pretty close to being accurate), and when you’ve been bombarded with lie after lie for more than two years, you’re bound to at least remember some of it.

So they had to find a scapegoat, somebody they could unload all of the blame for years of dezinformatsiya on.

And poor daft Madcow seems to have won the prize.

Then again, it was logical. She’s about as bright as a fence post, so she’s expendable. For the Greater Good™. Except we think they’re making a mistake, but far be it from us to be as rude as to interrupt an enemy when he’s busy shooting himself in the foot. After all, she’s got a HUGE following in a demographic the Prozis desperately need, namely the soulless, humorless True Believers of the NPC crowd. Sure, they’ve got the IQ of your average dumpster fire, but they vote, so they might take offense in having their Saint Madcow thrown to the wolves.

Hopefully they won’t notice until it’s too late.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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