And so Theresa May-Not continues her increasingly laughable attempts at turning the British voters’ desire to leave the Fourth Reich into the transformation of Britain into a vassal state, as in “still subject to the unelected Reichstag in Brussels and forced to pay the membership fees, but unable to vote in their farcical ‘parliament'”. Such a deal, we tell you!

Of course, His Imperial Majesty may have utterly misunderstood the mandate provided by the actual people of Britain two eternal years ago, but it was our distinct impression that the majority had no interest in continuing to be a party to the post-war revival of Adolf Hitler’s fever dreams of a “united” Europe under Germany’s heel. Which would be perfectly simple to accomplish by simply calling up Brussels and canceling the subscription.

“Terribly sorry, but we’ve decided we no longer want to be members of your club, so kindly cancel our account and quit sending us those pesky Führerbefehle that you’re so very fond of. Cheerio.”

But noooo… Theresa May-Not, who started her office by declaring loudly that she had every intention of following the will of the people to the letter, no matter how much she might personally think that it was the right decision, has now spent two years and change desperately trying to make sure that no such thing ever happens. While trying, of course, equally desperately to put on a jolly good show that she’s trying, trying really hard to do what she was told to do, but it’s just not possible, don’t you know?

Over here, we’re of course quite used to that sort of behavior from our so-called representatives in the GOPe. We even have a name for it. It’s called “Failure Theater.”

Example: ObamaCare. We were told by the GOPe, or the “Quisling Party”, as we prefer to call them, repeatedly that they really, really were going to repeal the Unaffordable No Healthcare Act, but they just couldn’t with those pesky Prozis sitting on the House, the Senate and the White House. So we gave them the House. Easy peasy, no? Just defund it and it will die.

But they couldn’t do that, don’t you see? Because then they couldn’t pass a budget (which they never managed to do for 8 interminable years anyway, yet the Republic still survived, but SHUT UP, PEASANT!). But if they only had more power, then they would SURELY repeal it right away! At least that’s what every single one of the traitors said repeatedly on the stump. You practically couldn’t shut them up about it!

So we gave them the Senate. But, don’t you know, they still couldn’t quite do it because, you know, the President would just veto it. But give us the presidency and THEN we’ll finally do what we’ve been promising you every single time an election was up and we needed more contributions to pay for our hookers and vacations.

So we gave them the Presidency and, this is our SHOCKED face, they STILL couldn’t quite do it and, by now, it wasn’t “repeal” anymore, it was “repeal and replace.” With something even more horrid, we’re sure.

So yes, we’re quite familiar with what it looks like when one’s elected “representatives” put on a show to pretend to do what they have absolutely no interest in actually doing.

We can only wonder how long it will take before the Britons reach that point too.

The only thing we do know is that somewhere in Hell, Hitler is laughing his arse off.

To be sure, his Thousand Year Third Reich only lasted 12 years, but it looks like the Fourth one is doing quite well indeed.

Europe, “united” under the iron boot of Germany, the only difference being that the capital of the Fourth Reich is in Brussels instead of Berlin, but at least both start with a “B.”


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By Emperor Misha I

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