Barely had old Gropey Biden announced that he wanted to be in the Prozi Klown Kar of the 2020 Prozi Primaries before the first torpedo hit below the waterline.

We’re not even in the slightest going to defend old Molesto-Biden here, except for noting that Ol’ Man Biden tends to prefer them younger than Flores, by about two decades, the only reason we’re mentioning it is that Ol’ Gropey might want to step down in a hurry.

Because the DNC Crime Family just fired a warning shot, and if the doddering old fool doesn’t heed it, there’ll be more sudden stories appearing about him.

Stories that, for some reason, weren’t stories until he started reaching for the brass ring. We mean, it’s not like Sniffer Joe’s strange predilections were secret before, but nobody in the Enemedia wanted to talk about them. Until now.

Poor Joe. To reach his advanced age before he realized that he was just a tool, that his leftist “friends” weren’t his friends at all. He’s definitely a slow reader.

But that’s all good. It only means that the enemy is going all in on the Occasional Cortex sub-70 IQ wing of the party, and we couldn’t be more happy about that if we tried.

Nothing is more fun than watching the leftists do what they do best, which is internecine warfare. Take the Bolsheviks vs. the Mensheviks, the Marxists vs. the Nazis, the Leninists vs. the Trotskyists, it’s all great entertainment. It’s a perfect example of watching a fight where you hope that both sides lose.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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