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Good morning.  I hope y’all had a good night’s sleep.  Proper sleep will clear the junk from your brain, and give you better clarity in your lives.  Me?  I went to bed at 1900 last night and got up at 0300 this morning.  I’m doing splendidly, thanks for asking.

I have a lot to do today, and almost as much scheduled for tomorrow, so I should get this thing over with now…

Headlines That Caught My Eye This Morning

Item 1:  The reality of being a criminal defendant on trial finally dawned on Trump. He didn’t take it well.

Donald Trump is learning a hard lesson: Criminal defendants don’t get to set their own schedules.

Poor Donald.  He’s spent the better part of his life believing he’s been above the law.  For most of his adult life, The Donald has been able to avoid legal jeopardy simply by employing lawyers like Michael Cohen to act as his ‘fixer’ by spreading a lot of money around and making bad things simply ‘go away’.

Michael Cohen wound up becoming a convicted felon thanks to The Donald.  He was arrested, tried and convicted for paying off people like Stormy Daniels and threatening others with expensive legal actions.  The only reason Donald Trump didn’t get arrested and convicted along side of Michael Cohen was because of the standing Justice Department memorandum that says sitting presidents can’t be charged with a crime.  So The Donald escaped the fate that Michael Cohen had to go through.

But it certainly didn’t stop The Donald from talking shit about Michael Cohen being an ‘untrustworthy felon’. What Donald fails to mention is that Cohen was doing Trump’s dirty work, under Trump’s directions, and ended up with a felony conviction because of it.

Item 2:  Man who claims he wants to build a cabin, mine for gold at Seattle park arrested again

This is a local Seattle story of a numbskull who consistently gets his narrow ass busted for trying to build a cabin in a Seattle park.  He has literally stolen heavy equipment to bulldoze down trees and dig for a foundation.

Item 3:  Supreme Court weighs obstruction charge against hundreds of Jan. 6 defendants including Donald Trump

The complaint is whether the charge was meant for this kind of a crime or not.  The defendants are arguing that obstruction of Congress doesn’t fit this particular crime because it is not specifically mentioned in the basic reading of the statute.  Small problem:  when the law was written in 2002, it was written specifically for this kind of thing.

Look, the charge of Money Laundering wasn’t a thing until after the RICO Act was written for organized crime.  But over the past twenty-five years, the charge of Money Laundering has been used by Federal Prosecutors to go after just about anyone who has been on a crime spree — especially forgery and bank fraud.

Prosecutors also use burglary statutes to go after misdemeanor shop lifters.  The idea is to ‘stack’ the charges on a defendant to force them into a plea bargain.  If the prosecutor needs a defendant to go away for a longer time than the defendant would normally have gotten under a misdemeanor charge, they will go after them with a charge like burglary, which can be a first degree, twenty-year beef.

How does a shoplifting become a burglary, you ask?  A person has provisional permission to enter and remain in a store or business.  If you break the law and try to steal from that business, you have lost your provisional permission to be on the premises, meaning that you are now guilty of criminal trespass.

A burglary is defined as a criminal trespass with the intent of committing another crime therein.  Shoplifting would be that additional crime on top of the criminal trespass, and therefore becomes a burglary.

Criminal law.  It’s not for the faint of heart…

Item 4:  Drowsy Don Falls Asleep in the Courtroom

For a person who loves to tell us how much energy, vin and vigor he has, the man can’t keep his eyes open for something as serious as his own criminal trial?  He is constantly going on about “Sleepy Joe”.

Item 5:  ‘Perfect Storm’: A Sleep Expert Analyzes Trump’s Trial Nap

One sleep expert told The Daily Beast that he suspects Trump is not getting the right amount of shuteye and proper nutrition at this nerve-racking moment.

“Anytime we fall asleep in a stressful situation, those are indications that your brain is prioritizing it,” Dr. Chris Winter, neurologist and sleep expert, said of the court.

“We live in a society where an individual who is able to fall asleep quickly and anywhere is a great sleeper. But someone who is able to fall asleep in jury selection is really someone who is at great risk and not an excellent sleeper.

“He has something wrong with the nature of his sleep.”

Item 6:  Pro-Palestine protests across US close airports, motorways and Golden Gate Bridge

Yeah, they shut down SeaTac yesterday.

Look, I don’t have a problem with protesting.  Tie up all the streets in the city if you want.  But if you tie up the freeways, I’m going to want to run your silly fucking asses down.

I don’t care how important you believe your complaints to be — I consider MY time to be valuable to ME, and if you are fucking with my time you are personally fucking with me and I’m going to want to vaporize you with prejudice.

There’s a time and place for your nonsensical protesting.  The freeways are not that place.

Need help with substance use disorder or mental health issues? In the U.S., call 800-662-HELP (4357) for the SAMHSA National Helpline.


What In The Hell Did I Just Watch?

Fallout – Prime Video

The show depicts the aftermath of the Great War of 2077, an apocalyptic nuclear exchange in an alternate history of Earth where advances in nuclear technology after WWII led to the emergence of a retrofuturistic society and a subsequent resource war. Many survivors took refuge in fallout bunkers known as Vaults, unaware each Vault was designed to perform psychological experiments on the Vault Dwellers. 219 years later in 2296,[4] a young woman named Lucy leaves behind her home in Vault 33 to venture out into the dangerously unforgiving wasteland of a devastated Los Angeles to look for her father. Along the way, she meets a Brotherhood of Steel squire and a ghoul bounty hunter, each with their own mysterious pasts and agendas to settle.

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