Good Morning people.  It is a Thursday in the Realm, and the world is a-boil.  My Keurig has delivered me a piping hot cup of coffee as I sit in my office nestled in between two stadiums and an arena at 0400.  Save for the rumble of the occasional garbage truck speeding along First Avenue below me at around 45 mph, it is a calm, and quiet morning here in Seattle along the waterfront.

Here are the nine headlines that caught my eye this morning:

1.  B-b-b-biden to d-d-d-deliver a p-p-p-prime-time foreign policy a-a-address

2.  Pro-Hamas extremists and neo-Nazis flood social media with calls for violence

3.  Poll finds support for exploring alternatives to democracy, using violence to stop opponents

4.  Amazon will start testing drones that will drop prescriptions on your doorstep, literally

5.  Jordan fails on second speaker vote as Republican division grows

6.  There is no longer a cohesive Republican party Politico OP-ED

7.  Border cities see homicides rates drop

8.  Wild-Haired Former Rocker Promises to Remake Argentina if Elected President

9.  What We Know About the Explosion at the Hospital in Gaza

10.  Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty in Georgia Trump Case, agrees to testify against all defendants

DJ’s Stupid Commentary:

Remember, I haven’t actually read any of the stories attached to these headlines before I open my mouth and make an ass out of myself, or not.  That’s what makes this fun, at least for me.  Let’s see what I got wrong, shall we?

1.  I tend to avoid these things.  If he says anything even halfway important, I am sure we will hear about it.

It’s hard for me to focus on what Joe Biden is saying because his speech patterns bother me enough that I can’t focus on what he is saying.  His stuttering doesn’t bother me.  I get it.  His impediment makes him speak in an odd cadence, with the occasional word / phrase substitution that can have some strange outcomes.  I know a few people with speech impediments, and know how tough it is for them.

No, what bothers me about listening to Biden specifically is that he always seems to be shouting while trying to speak with several marbles in his mouth.    Trump bothered me in a similar way, except in Trump’s case, almost everything that fell out of his neck was a demonstrable lie.  Obama’s speech bothered me because he was always talking over a lot of people.

I always looked forward to hearing GW Bush speak.  You could always count on a great new Bushism.

2.  Welcome to cyber warfare.  If you want to sway public opinion, it’s natural to flood social media platforms.  Gee.

3.  “The survey says…”  Oh neat, a one-off poll is what will drive my decisions until the next poll comes out.

4.  The Sky Is Falling!  Last week there was a story about satellites will soon start falling out of the sky and killing people.  If you live anywhere around birds, there is a good chance that someday you are going to get shit upon.  The closer you are to seawater, the changes go up exponentially.  So now, we can expect to be bombed with some potentially large packages if you shop through Amazon Pharmacy?

I love Amazon Pharmacy, by the way.  If I were addicted to meth, I could have them deliver Desoxyn® right to my doorstep!  Now a drone could bombard me with my crank as I walk out the door naked, sweating and in total paranoia mode.  Ask me sometime about an old friend who burned down the rose bushes in front of his house one night because he thought the cops were hiding in them…

5.  Gym Jordan does not unite.  He divides.  This has been his whole schtick his entire political career — to divide.  Someone called him a “legislative terrorist”.  Such people do not become Speaker in a House where Republicans have a very small margin of four votes.  What makes this funny is that he lost more votes in the second round than the first.  What makes this sad is that the Republican Party is no longer one cohesive party in reality, yet they are being treated as such in the House.  At best, the Republican party has become a ‘coalition’ party of two warring factions.

6.  This story probably backs up what I just said.

7.  How can they?  DeSantis keeps busing the migrants to New York City and Boston.  LOL

8.  “Hear me out…”  Ted Nugent for Speaker of the House.  Ozzy Osborne for Speaker of British Parliament.  “Order… ORDERRRR! Oh bloody hell!”

9.  My Three-Day Rule  that I just made up:  Upon first reporting of any major world event/tragedy, wait a full three days before flying off the handle and blaming someone.  The initial reports are almost always going to be full of speculation and completely wrong.

The initial reports on this story had Israel attacking this Christian hospital in Northern Gaza, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands.  This caused worldwide anger and condemnation against Israel, causing a summit between the waring factions and the US to be abandoned and panned.  Wait a few hours until the dust literally settles, and we find out that it was most likely a terrorist rocket that misfired and exploded over the parking lot of the hospital killing a lot of innocent human beings.  I suppose one could be ‘charitable’ and say that it was a ‘misfire’ or ‘unintended’, but the cynic in me can speculate it being a ‘false flag’ event to prevent a peace summit.

For the past few years I’ve usually waited a day or two before I opine about a major news event, such as a shooting or attack, or something like that.  Otherwise, I’d be sitting here looking even more stupid than usual, right?

10.  This was late-breaking, just before I posted this.  This headline I cheated on — I read it first.

While this may sound like a devastating blow to Trump’s defense in his RICO case in Georgia,  we are talking about bat-shit crazy Sidney Powell.  Any defense attorney would automatically try to impeach the witness.  The problem is, Trump shares the same craziness.  We’ll see.

It will be interesting to check out his TruthSocial thing…

The Views You Can’t Argue With:

Okay, yeah, you could, if you were being an asshole.  I’m just trying to provide some interesting content here with a bit of humor, since Management™ is off hosing the pooch.  I was going to post this yesterday morning when I took them, but Life Interruptus.

Here is a view from the roof of my office:


What did I just watch?

I watched season one several months ago and it was good.  Season two just dropped, so I thought I would start it all over again.

From the Meme Box this morning:



The Art of the Plea Deal

If this is you… Go find something else to do:

McCarthy Laughing his ass off after first House vote fails to install Jordan as Leader…

This last one is supposedly true.  The people who like and back Trump the most are the ones he hates the most.  Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, even Rudy Giuliani.  But he also dislikes the average Joe, even though he may send Trump $25 every now and then…

We live in strange times.


Oh well, have a great day.






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By Your Sock Puppet

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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October 19, 2023 17:14

Slow horses season three is coming out 12/1. Have you watched For all mankind and Greyhound?

October 20, 2023 16:02

A terrorist group killed 32Americans, and still holds at least 10 Americans as hostages after a military attack on civilian homes and a musical festival which left 1300 Israelis dead.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s response is to reward the terrorists and their allies with $100 million in aid from U.S. taxpayers with few strings attached.

If I have to explain why this is dangerous and morally reprehensible, I’m astonished that you could read this statement.

Does Hamas have to return the hostages?  Nope.

This isn’t negotiating with terrorists, this is funding them under the guise of “humanitarian assistance.”

The same Hamas that is responsible for the governance of Gaza, released videos of the carnage complete with beheadings and parading of a broken, dead woman through the streets of Gaza City.

That same Hamas also used cement intended for ‘humanitarian’ building of hospitals and infrastructure to build an extensive terrorist tunnel structure to aid their war against Israel in the past.

And that same Hamas released videos showing them digging up pipes laid to deliver water to the people of Gaza and turning those pipes into missiles aimed at civilians in Israel.

Congress must stop this idiocy and only authorize money which goes directly to Israel’s defense.

To continue funding Hamas and the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank is to continue funding terrorism aimed at Israel and the rest of the civilized world.

Joe Biden might not be able to understand this simple truth, but Congress must.

No money for terrorists.

More than forty years after Camp David and subsequent land for peace deals by Israel, there is no pretending that those who would drive Israel into the Mediterranean exterminating seven million Jews in the process cannot be appeased.

It is time to stop giving them the money to terrorize Israel and the world.

This, of course, is all in a piece with Biden accommodating Iran, giving them money, not enforcing sanctions and calling for a slowdown, aka a truce.  The humanitarian thing is bs and let’s see if Egypt will take them, cause sure as shit nobody else wants them.  And meanwhile, it’s more like 39 American hostages with no effort by Biden to rescue them and putting a kibosh on special Ops forces going in.  If Hamas is not getting food or water, do you think they’re giving it to hostages?  How long can you live with no food or water?

October 20, 2023 16:14

The brittle 80-year-old commander-in-chief (Biden) used the Israel-Hamas conflict to sell the reported $100 billion aid package but in reality, Israel is expected to get just a small percentage of the total amount.

The White House is expected to formally submit the massive funding request to Congress on Friday, so details are not clear at this point but there are various reports of how the package will break down.

The Daily Mail reported that most of the funding, $60 billion, will go to help Ukraine in its war against Russia and that Israel will receive $14 billion.

“Another $10 billion has been earmarked for humanitarian aid and $7 billion for the Indo-Pacific region, including to bolster Taiwan,” the U.K. newspaper reported.

NBC News also reported that $60 billion is going to Ukraine and that the “rest of the request will include roughly $40 billion to provide aid to Israel, Taiwan and the U.S.-Mexico border.”

ABC News reported that sources said that the “bulk” of the assistance will likely go toward Ukraine and that Israel was slotted for $10 billion.

The US has already given Ukraine “more than $75 billion in military, humanitarian and financial aid,” NBC News noted.

In short, Biden is using Israel’s need to push for more aid for Ukraine an an end-around to circumvent opposition to more Ukraine aid.  Do we know where that aid to Ukraine goes?  Is there any oversight?  No and no.  Why do we put up with this hollow shell, corrupt excuse for a president?

October 21, 2023 13:41

Oh, I dropped the red flag so you had to reply, to disparage.  You want my words, fine, here it is:  Joe Biden is barely sentient; he slurs his words and barely makes sense. He has never served in the military and therefore has no idea of military strategy.  He is  a puppet of Obama and the far-left Democratic party.  Giving Gaza ANY humanitarian aid is criminal; they have already dug up pipes laid to bring in water and turned them into rockets.  What do you think they’d do with several million dollars?  Trying to send more money to Ukraine while calling it aid to Israel is DECEITFUL, and totally in line with past Biden tricks.

Where is your primary source of news?  Do you have a source in the White House or the State Department?  How do you know what they’re telling you is true or not influenced by their biases?  Or are you using NPR as your main source because I can tell you that they are biased for liberal news and not accurate at all.

I don’t need news sources to see the truth.  Biden pretends he is with Israel, but he is not.  He went there to stop their offensive, he’s already calling for negotiations – clearly, he hasn’t learned from dealing with Iran that you don’t negotiate with terrorists – he  has Iranians who work for the Iranian government in high security positions making homeland security decisions. so  we should expect a terrorist act any  day now, seeing as most of the people crossing our now-invisible border are men of military age.

And yes, I think Biden is brittle.  He falls up stairs, three times in a row.  He falls off his bike.  I don’t need to  do my own investigations, I’ve seen pictures of it.  And now with the war going on, the world trembling on the brink of World War with Russia, Iran, China and North  Korea all making belligerent moves,Biden is going to Delaware to sunbathe.  But do defend him, because that’s what liberals do .

Don M
Don M
October 24, 2023 21:12
Reply to  readerjp

Biden is like a slinky, not much use, but fun to watch on the stairs.