It’s Saturday, and these are the headlines that caught my eye this morning.

First the Headlines:

  1. Republicans reject own funding bill, US government shutdown imminent
  2. Robert Kennedy Jr to run for president as independent in 2024
  3. Feinstein’s Demise is a Warning for Biden and Trump
    Why are we so surprised when elderly politicians kick the bucket?
  4. Trump co-defendant pleads guilty in Georgia election case

Then my Commentary

Remember the rules, I haven’t actually read the story, I’m just basing my entire opinion on the headlines.  I may get them spot on, or I may be spectacularly wrong.

  1. In case anyone is keeping score, this shut down will be entirely the fault of Republicans in the House.  More specifically, about fifteen of the radicals who have Keven McCarthy doing stupid pet tricks for fear of being voted off the island.  It costs the government about a billion bucks every time we go through one of these shut downs.  It also doesn’t take into consideration the loss of revenue and wages the longer this thing stretches out.  Congresscritters don’t feel the crunch, ordinary citizens do.
  2. Robert F. Kennedy Jr is not a Democrat.  He was never going to gain any traction with the most Democrats.  He’s not a serious candidate, he trying to sell a series of his books.
  3. Statistically, both Trump and Biden could drop dead tomorrow.  I’m just stating a fact here.  Both are beyond the average life span of a males who share their birthdates.  Feinstein showed obvious signs of deterioration a year or so before she died.  Neither Trump nor Biden show those kind of signs — yet.

    Of the two, I suspect Biden will out-live Trump, simply because he is better physical shape.

  4. This is going to screw Trump.  Not that this is unexpected:  it’s a strong case, and the smart defendants know when to make a deal in exchange for a lower charge and/or penalty.  There have been signs that at least a couple of the defendants in the conspiracy were going to plead guilty and turn state’s evidence against the others.  Trump, being the “leader / organizer” role in this conspiracy is going to have an even harder time defending himself in a trial.



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By Your Sock Puppet

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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Red Five
Red Five
September 30, 2023 11:05

I suspect Biden will out-live Trump, simply because he is better physical shape.

Seriously? Did you type that with a straight face, without your fingers turning back and laughing hysterically at you?