It is a Saturday in the Realm.  It’s quiet in here, with the occasional footsteps echoing in the empty chambers as someone walks through… and out the back door with a bang.

Here are the headlines that caught my eye this Saturday morning:

Here’s my quick and subjective take on the headlines above.  The fun part of this exercise is that I haven’t actually read the articles they reference.

Regarding the Fulton County story:  I don’t believe in “accidents”, I believe in cause and effect.  I believe in carelessness, and human error.  I believe in “shit happens”, which can alternatively be labeled, an “acts of God”.  In this case, I’m going with carelessness  and human error.

Gold bullion is harder for the Gooberment to trace.  If anyone here is expecting me to defend this asshat, they’d be waiting a very long time.  It also says a lot about the people who keep re-electing this cork in the asshole of progress.  The man should be in jail, but because he has the means, he will be out on bail and still show up in the Senate.  If there was ever a Constitutional Amendment needed, it would be one that allowed for the citizens to recall their Congresscritters if they won’t resign when facing criminal jeopardy.

Prime video has not delivered anything really good since The Man in the High Castle.  It seems to me that they’ve settled into being an outlet to other platforms such as AMC+, Disney, and MAX.  I haven’t complained, since Prime video is technically “free” with Prime membership, and I use my membership to buy crap for the porch pirates to attempt to steal.  I don’t do commercials, so if I do need to watch something on Prime Video, I would then have to pay the additional three bucks to bypass them.  Apple TV is my current lick.  There are some real quality shows on that platform.

“Hi, my name is Methamphetamine Rules, but you can call me “Meth”.  When I first heard this story on NPR the other day, my mind immediately went back to when I was a kid and everyone had those little state ‘license plates’ with their name on them hanging on their bikes. (along with the playing cards held on by clothes pins flapping in the spokes)  I couldn’t find one because nobody had a “DJ” license plate, and I felt left out.  Imagine poor Meth…  Not only that, but I imagine his signature was a bit shaky…

This twat of a ‘journalist’ thought it would be clever to play with the Bureau of Vital Statistics to see how outrageous of a name it would take for the agency to reject it.  I’m sorry, but have you ever heard of Moon Unit Zappa and her brother, Dweezil?  What did Michael Jackson name his kid, Pockets?  My grandson should have been named, “Darlek”, just because of how he talks.

Czar Cannon.  There’s a blast from the past.  About 110 years past.  “Uncle Joe Cannon”, Speaker of the House, towards the end of “The Gilded Age” in politics and corruption.  Back in the day when the Speaker made the rules the kept him in place regardless of which party held the majority.  It’s an interesting story if you follow the link.  I heard it on the radio a while back, that’s how I remembered it.

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By Your Sock Puppet

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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September 23, 2023 17:14

I feel the need for a blog entry on the AD with that Fulton County clod.

I’ll probably pay the $3 to Amazon. I hate commercials too.

I had Disney+, but ditched it last month when they announced another price hike. I prepaid for a year, so I have them until next spring, not that they have anything worth watching on it of late.

I also came up with a meme that seems to have gone viral.

September 23, 2023 21:11

Pity no one published the obverse side…..snicker

joe heavy
joe heavy
September 23, 2023 21:25

Prime video : The only thing I’ve found on Prime lately is a series on the ‘Jack Reacher’ novel “Killing Floor” and it is excellent. If you enjoy Lee Child‘s books try it.