And we mean cut them off completely.

Something we should have done long ago, something that our current President has been saying since long before he even became President but, as they say, better late than never.

If nothing else, then we should have learned THAT from this moronic interlude in our history as a nation, and we’re not just talking about our sick dependency on an enemy regime for vital medical supplies, but perhaps THAT has finally woken up the Great Unwashed Idiots™ to the issue.

We still should have done so a long time ago.

Explain to us, and do it like you’d explain it to a five year old, just WHY exactly we’ve bestowed Most Favored Trade Nation on a sadistic regime that harvests organs of political dissidents, that routinely “disappears” anybody who says anything inconvenient about said regime, that locks up millions in concentration camps for the crime of not being Han Chinese communists?

Then explain to us how this is in any way different from us, in a world where WWII never happened and Nazi Germany was still a thing, proudly making Nazi Germany our Most Favored Trade Partner and tripping all over our own cocks to import goods with “Made in Auschwitz” stamped on them

, dirt cheap.

How would those emaciated, beaten, brutalized, starved concentration camp prisoners in ANY WAY be different from the underpaid, brutalized, beaten and starved prisoners of Beijing who made the “Made in China” goods that clog up every aisle in every American store?

Explain that to us.

If you don’t have an answer right away, perhaps you can ponder it while you’re busy perusing Twitter on your “Made in Auschwitz” iPhone.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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