The US government had reportedly funded $3.7 million to the Chinese laboratory in Wuhan which has been at the centre of speculations surrounding coronavirus outbreak.

Oh, so it’s all Our Own Fault™ now, is it? Gee, haven’t heard that one before since, well, “America’s chickens have come home to roost”.

The revelation that the US government was funding the lab doing research on bats in Wuhan has added fuel to the conspiracy theory which suggests that that the Wuhan lab was the actual place of origin of the coronavirus pandemic, not the animal market.

It’s hardly a “conspiracy theory”, considering that we already knew about the lab, that we already knew about the kind of winged rat that the virus came from and we already knew that it lived nowhere fucking near the famous “wet markets” of Wuhan. Add those three together, then mix them up with the famously inept, lax and incompetent nature of communist regimes and their various bureaucracies, the only ones known to be even more incompetent than our own, which is saying a boatload, and you have the perfect recipe for something like the Wu Ping Cough to come along.

Nothing “conspiratorial” about that, unless you’re dumber than a bag of rusty hammers.

The only point at which “conspiracy” enters into it is when it comes to speculations that “China released it on purpose”, which is so cosmically retarded that it’s almost funny.

Yeah, we’re real sure that the Chinese unleashed an epidemic on their own population just to show us. Granted, we’re more than willing to accept the premise that the Beijing Butchers don’t give two shits about a few million dead Chinese, they sort of have a history in that respect, having murdered 40 million of their own in The Great Leap “Forward” without batting an eyelid, but to risk cratering their already fragile Potemkin economy that way AND guarantee a PR disaster that is bound to hit them even worse in years to come…

Seriously. Send us some of the crack you’re smoking, because that’s some powerful shit there. That’s like saying that Gorby sent an order to the Pripyat Oblast, telling them to blow up the Chernobyl reactor just to see if Scandinavians can glow in the dark.

The Wuhan lab did exactly what other labs like it all over the world do, only they fucked up and it got out through lax procedures, non-existent safety and sheer incompetence and then they proceeded to cover it up because, in a country like theirs, notifying the chain of command that you stepped on your dick means waking up in a gulag with half your organs missing. Minus the “waking up” part.

Back to the article:

Soon after this discovery US lawmakers, pressure groups hit out at the US government for funding dangerous and cruel experiments at the Wuhan Insititute.

US Congressman Matt Gaetz said, “I’m disgusted to learn that for years the US government has been funding dangerous and cruel animal experiments at the Wuhan Institute, which may have contributed to the global spread of coronavirus, and research at other labs in China that have virtually no oversight from US authorities.”

Now that’s a legitimate question. What the FUCK are we doing handing out money to foreign, enemy regimes that they can spend without any sort of oversight from us. Note the “lack of oversight” bit, it’ll become important.

The answer, sadly, is that our very own bureaucracies are only slightly less incompetent than the bureaucracies of hellholes like communist China, and always ready, willing and able to be generous with other people’s (read “our”) money. There is no limit to the astronomical amounts of We the People’s money that those unelected, incompetent fuckwads will spend to maintain their own relevance and, in so doing, keep themselves and their retarded, sister-fucking, inbred relatives employed.

But that’s not the point of the article, of course. The point is the beginning of a deflection, a way of shifting the blame away from the mass-murdering butchers in China by first insinuating, then saying out loud that “we brought it upon ourselves.”

Fuck that noise. We didn’t hand the ChinkComs a bag of money, telling them to go ahead and fuck up and unleash a virus on the world, just like we didn’t fund the resistance in Afghanistan back during the Cold War with specific instructions that they should spend them so they could come fly airplanes into the Twin Towers one day.

Remember that “lack of oversight” bit? How can we simultaneously be partly to blame for something AND have no oversight over that very same something?

That’s the same as saying that if you give a panhandler $100 and he then uses the money to overdose himself on cheap heroin

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, then you’re partly to blame for his death. Fucking retarded. So retarded, in fact, that only the Great Unwashed™ could ever be terminally stupid enough to fall for it.

The ChiComs are fucking terrified at what this latest fuckup of theirs is going to do to their already tattered, dying economy and will stop at absolutely nothing to shift the blame for something that is THEIR fault and THEIR fault ALONE.

Sadly, they have more than a few willing allies, useful idiots, in the West with vested, enormous financial interests in keeping trade with the midget butchers of Beijing rolling, and they’ve been busy sowing the seeds since day one of this epic clusterfuck.

This is just more of the same.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: This is the fault of China. All of it. Every single damn death of Chinese Lung AIDS all over the world is their fault.

Do not believe a single word as much as suggesting anything else, unless you really relish the thought of being duped by those fucking mass murderers and their willing accomplices here and abroad.


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