…at which point we should, by all accounts of various sudden experts of virology and epidemics from around the web as well as the Enemedia, but we repeat ourselves, already be living in ghost towns with the streets covered in rotting corpses, the near silence only intermittently interrupted by automatic gunfire and the screams of suburban housewives being gang raped by feral zombies as they go down defending their last rolls of toilet paper.

Which, in some ways, would be vastly preferable to having to listen to the Enemedia’s endless prattling about how we’re all going to die, DIE we tell you!

As the wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party, our very own mass media, continue their frantic campaign of calling anybody who refers to a virus originating in China as “a Chinese virus” (much like 90% of all viral outbreaks for as long as we can remember), a term they themselves used to use all the time until their overlords in Beijing told them to call it “xenophobic”, our nation continues to shut down everything in a frantic attempt to burn down our economy in response to the latest variant of an endless string of variants of the flu.

It’s like being on a faraway front line fighting a war while reports from home speak of your friends and family setting fire to their homes.

That’s NOT what “keeping the home fires burning” means, you imbeciles! Not much point in fighting if there’s nothing to come home to once the fight is over, now is there?

Numerous tin pot dictator wannabe officials all over the country have grabbed on to this golden opportunity to do what they’ve always been wanting to do that has absolutely zero and zilch to do with fighting the virus, such as banning sales of firearms and ammunition which, as we all know, is EXACTLY how to stop a virus from spreading.

In DC, in the meantime, the Democrat National Socialist Party, as always determined to not let a good crisis go to waste, has decided to block a spending package aimed at relief for all of our fellow American citizens suffering hardship as a result of the wave of increasingly inane shutdown diktats destroying their livelihoods. Why? Because they refuse to vote for the package unless they get to fill the package with Democrat National Socialist agenda items such as forced quotas on corporate boards of directors, increased powers for unions, increased taxes on everything that moves and, in particular, everything that MAKES things move, such as fossil fuels and, of course, their favorite, mandatory votes for everybody, regardless of any sort of proof of eligibility to do so.

They see the writing on the wall with their inevitable candidate for 2020 being the increasingly senile Joe “Where the Fuck Am I?” Biden and realize that their only chance lies with A) destroying the economy (and the livelihoods of millions of Americans) and B) getting every single illegal alien/dead people/felon vote they can lay their slimy, fascist hands on.

And until they get what they want, all that the “Party of the Little People” have to offer to the suddenly unemployed masses awaiting eviction notices has to offer those “little people” is a giant “fuck off.”

The only possible good thing we can see coming of this is that the American people, thanks to the Enemedia-induced mass hysteria, finally have gotten a glimpse of what it’s like to live under “Real Socialism™”

, where lines outside empty grocery stores and fistfights in the parking lots are a feature, not a bug.

Meanwhile, in the Good News Department™, we’ve already found a temporary treatment option that appears to be working quite well, Z-pacs, Tamiflu and Chloroquine (yay, FINALLY a perfect justification for drinking obscene amounts of one of our favorite Imperial Staples, gin and tonic!), private industries are stepping up to the plate to help cover shortages in a way not seen since WWII (Hanes face masks? Ford Motor Company ventilators? Awesome!) and the Commie Chinese Crud Death Toll™ continues to be unimpressive (thank G-D!!) compared to the yearly flu pandemics that never freaked anybody out before, for some reason.

Meanwhile, the ChiCom Enemedia are doing their best to suppress and deflate these good news, pointing out that taking 5 times the normal recommended dose of chloroquine might be dangerous to your health (Gee! overdosing on medications might be BAD for you? Who KNEW? Next they’ll be pointing out that you shouldn’t take Tylenol for pain because emptying the bottle might kill your liver! What would we DO without the expert opinions of journo-school grads?) and, in what belongs in the Good News category as well, we just noted that PMSNBC’s Lawrence O’Dimbulb is already shifting gear, claiming that “Trump’s not in charge” and that it’s really the brilliant minds in local governments’ actions that are working.

From “Trump is a dumbass who doesn’t know what he’s doing as is to blame for everything” to “things are looking up and it’s all in spite of Orange Man Bad” in less than two weeks?

Yep, they’re seeing the writing on the wall.

Hopefully we’ll soon be at a point where we can put all of them up against that wall.

Wall, Rifle, Journalist. Some assembly required.

If anything, what we’ve learned from the last several weeks is that it WASN’T a case of hyperbole when the media were called “the enemy of the people.”

And they should be dealt with accordingly.

What we’ve also learned (and that we all really should have known to begin with) is that we should never, EVER listen to hysteria merchants always assuming the worst case scenario for everything, just as we should ALSO never ever listen exclusively to people who always assume the BEST case scenario. They’re both 100% wrong all of the time. Things never pan out that way in real life, it’s always somewhere in between.

You don’t HAVE to choose between naive complacency or full on paranoia. The truth is always somewhere in the middle.

In the meantime, stay safe and sane. It’s going to be alright in the end.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it wasn’t brought down to ruins in one either.


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