But first, some site news. Some of you noticed, I’m sure, that the site went AWOL a week ago or so. The blame for that rests entirely with us. Well, the blame for nobody knowing what was going on, that is.

All it was was a site migration of which we had been warned more than amply in advance. If we were in the habit of checking our email as often as we should


, that is. So if it’s any consolation, we were as surprised as anybody else around here. Serves us right.

Other than that, we’ve been busy as per usual, sorry about that.

Not that there is much to report on, except the news that Jimmy the Weasel Comey will skate because of that old “can’t prove intent” canard. No, we’re not in the least surprised either. We had dared hope that maybe this time would be different, that maybe finally some member of the swamp would have to follow the same rules as are applied to the rest of us, but we’d only maintained the barest of hopes at that.

Good thing too, or our disappointment would have been much greater.

Once again we’ve all been reminded that there are two sets of rules, and the true criminals in government only have to follow the “do whatever, nothing will happen to you” set.

Normal people trying to get by honestly, on the other hand, will have the book thrown at them if they as much as think about stepping out of line.

Kurt Schlichter has it right:

Now that the FIB have been told that they can do whatever they want with no fear of consequences, they’re sure to continue business as usual.

And we, the people, are sure to treat any evidence provided by the FIB with all of the respect it deserves, which is to say none at all. Good luck with that in front of future jurors.

And all of this thanks to the garbage people of DC, the so-called “elite.”



And the “law”, in the form of the Dept. of “Justice” just proved both of them right, Mr. Jordan.

Helluva job!

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By Emperor Misha I

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