Also known as Alinsky’s rule number 5.

As it turns out, it happens to be true. And the humorless shitlib scolds are freaking out that sites like the Babylon Bee are making ruthless fun of them.

Last month, the satire site The Babylon Bee lawyered up after liberal fact-checker Snopes tried to deplatform it by calling it “fake news” and suggesting the Babylon Bee did not rise to the level of satire. The Babylon Bee’s lawyer sent a demand letter, and Snopes altered the offending article. But last week

, Snopes unloaded two more attacks on the Bee, and the Bee vowed to keep fighting back.

One sure fire way of knowing if your hits are hurting is when your enemy is yelping and crying out in pain. Common sense, no? Also, “if you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.”

Did anybody among you ever feel the urge to hit somebody if they were insignificant and posed no threat to you? No? Of course not.

That’s why everybody with an IQ higher than that of a boiled carrot knows that if your enemy is ignoring you, you’re doing something wrong. You’re doing all of it wrong. Two basic rules of warfare:

1) If your enemy is freaking out, you need to keep doing what you’re doing, only harder and
2) Whatever your enemy is doing to you, you need to be doing to him as well, only you need to do it better. Because the only reason he’s doing it is because he hasn’t himself come up with a counter to it. Nobody but a complete idiot employs a tactic that he himself knows an easy counter to.

In this day and age, “freaking out” includes trying to deplatform and silence people who are hurting you, and that’s what that despicable shitlib “factchecking” site Snopes is trying to do here, and they’re not doing it because they’re not concerned.

And, back to Alinsky, nothing hurts worse, particularly if you’re a shitlib Puritan with absolutely no sense of humour and a comically inflated sense of self-esteem than to be made fun of. He was absolutely right on that one. Most likely because he was, himself, a shitlib Puritan with absolutely no sense of humour and a comically inflated sense of self-esteem.

You see how that works? The thing that terrified him and his communist followers the most was people making fun of him, and that’s how he stupidly revealed the best weapon against him and his pestilent ilk.

Always be on the lookout for what the enemy wants to do or is doing against you, and you’ll immediately know the best way of quickly and effectively exterminating him. It’s not like it’s hard.

The Romans discovered that the most effective weapon of the Carthaginians during the 1st Punic War was their command of the sea, the superior Roman troops couldn’t fight the Punic arseholes if they couldn’t get their troops to them through their fleet, so the Romans built a fleet of their own. From fucking scratch. And won.

Want a more recent example? OK, take the German Blitzkrieg (which they never called it, funnily enough). They managed to almost win the war following that doctrine, a quite simple one consisting of concentrating your forces in one spot, create a hole, then pour through it and keep driving through the path of least resistance, altering their direction on the fly so as to keep the enemy always on the defensive, always reacting instead of acting. Their opponents kept trying to come up with a counter, nobody has yet found one, but one individual, a U.S. general name of Patton, you may have heard of him, decided to copy it.

And, lo and behold, after almost half a decade of the Allies fucking around trying to come up with a counter and failing utterly, he countered it simply by thinking “if the damned Krauts keep doing this, it must be because they haven’t come up with a way of countering it themselves.” And wouldn’t you know it? It worked!

So now, here we are, the Almighty Progressive Wave™ freaking the fuck out over people merely making fun of them?

It proves two things:

1) They’re losing badly.

2) The thing that’s really killing them is that we read their fucking book.


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By Emperor Misha I

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