So the President tweeted this:

…and the Shitlibs promptly went nuts. This was, of course, pure “racism”. Not because there is a single word in there that is incorrect, but because the morbidly obese corrupt race-baiting shitbird Cummin’s’mouth is black. And any criticism of anybody who is NOT a Caucasian is, of course, “racism.” (Unless said non-Caucasian is caught Speaking While Conservative™).

And, to make it even better, Stretch Pelousy’s Pavlovian “RAYCISSS!” reaction was tweeted directly from Venice (the one in Italy, the one none of Cum Mouth’s constituents will never, ever see), where she and the fat fuck were stuffing their pie holes with expensive Italian cuisine in a five star restaurant.

This, apparently, is how Elijah Land Whale Cumspot, to use his own words, “fights daily for his constituents.”

When his constituents eat out, if they ever do, it’s a trip to the local Mickey D’s. When he eats out, he hops on a plane financed by tax payers to Italy.

Such a Civil Rights Hero™, he.

And while he’s “fighting courageously” for his constituents from expensive restaurants, those same constituents are busy dodging bullets, filling their bathtubs with water collected from fire hydrants and trying to keep rats out of their children’s bedrooms, living as they do in one of the worst third world shitholes this once proud country has to offer.

Color us distinctly unimpressed.

“Let them eat rats!”


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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