So the outrage du jour appears to be that some people chanted something, and that’s just the worst thing EVAH!

Why, we’re literally to the point where death squads are roaming the streets, disappearing people in the middle of the night!

Let’s review what we know about Ilhan “Lannister” Omar (D-Mogadishu), shall we?

She’s a tax fraud and polygamist who, allegedly (and the evidence is growing) married her brother to get him into the country. We shall refrain from wondering whether the marriage was ever consummated, because there’s simply not enough Brain Bleach™ in the world to rub out that mental image.

She was rescued, through the sacrifice of numerous U.S. servicemen, from one of the worst shithole countries on the planet and welcomed into this country with open arms and even given citizenship when she was but a wee slip of 17. From there, apart from partaking in all of the blessings that our great nation can offer, blessings that she could never dream of in the war-ridden, savage butthole of the planet she was unfortunate enough to be born in, went on to become a member of Congress.

The thanks she had to offer for that has been a never-ending stream of insults and blood libels of the country and the people living in it, the very country and people who saved her sorry arse from what a civilized person would consider a fate worse than death. She’s a virulent anti-Semite, she hates everything this country stands for, she dismisses the most brutal and bloody attack on the United States in our history as “some people who did something” and refuses to denounce the terrorist organization of religious fanatics, al-Qaeda while, at the same time, accusing every single U.S. citizens of the Jewish faith of being traitors.

And an angry crowd of citizens responded to that endless string of insults, that barrage of filth with chanting “send her back!”

To which His Imperial Majesty can only say: “Sounds like a most excellent idea, if a bit lenient for our tastes.”

“But, but, we CAN’T! She’s a CITIZEN!”

And there are absolutely no ways of legally stripping somebody of his/her citizenship, no matter how they managed to get that status and no matter what acts of sedition they’ve committed?

Is that so? Really?

If you marry somebody who turns out to be a complete waste of skin, a right royal arsehole and serial abuser, there is no way of or justification for dissolving the marriage and send them on their merry way?

Perhaps there isn’t. Ultimately it doesn’t matter, though.

A guest, no matter how much said guest was invited and figures on the official guest list, is only allowed to puke and shit on the carpet and kick the family dog so many times before the rest of the people there are perfectly justified in telling him or her to fuck the fuck off and don’t let the door hit ’em where the good L-rd split ’em.

We cannot, and we WILL not see anything wrong in angry patriots chanting what we, ourselves, agree with perfectly. Countless Americans have fought, bled and died for this nation, OUR nation, over the centuries, never asking for anything in return. Not because they necessarily thought she was perfect, but because they felt she was the best there was and, more importantly, easily great enough to be worth fighting for, even dying for.

They are buried underneath small plots of land all over the world, many of them unmarked. Their blood has soaked the soil of nations just about everywhere, including the nation that the ungrateful little cunt, Ilhan, was rescued from.

You’d think she could at least find it in herself to let a simple “thank you” slip past her endlessly flapping lips. And you’d be wrong to think so.

Yes. Send her back. And don’t ever let anybody else like her in again.


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By Emperor Misha I

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