…and it’s an 8 year old girl.

The parents of “Mini AOC” – the popular Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez impersonator – are reportedly calling it quits, stopping the spoofs and deleting accounts due to death threats lodged against their family from the left.
The 8-year-old actress’s parents reportedly provided an update Wednesday on the Twitter account @SickenTirade: There will no longer be any new videos due to increasing death threats and harassment from the left.

“Ava will not being doing any more MINI AOC content,” the tweet reads. The child’s full name is Ava Martinez.

“The Left’s Harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family. We have been getting calls on our personal phone numbers. For our safety and for our child’s safety, we deleted all Mini AOC accounts,” it continued.

Those “brave”, “tolerant” leftists, “speaking truth to power”. As long as the “power” in question is an 8 year old girl making fun of their queen bee, that is.

Anything much more intimidating than that and they’re all AWOL, hiding in their moms’ basements while ranting impotently on Twatter.

Just think about it again. Those “tolerant” “anti-” fascists, making death threats against an 8 year old girl.

This won’t end in quite the way they’d hoped for, we can tell you that for nothing.

Elsewhere, in Portlandistan, Antifa’s version of Raqqa, a gay, Asian journalist is beaten to a pulp, sent to the hospital with a brain hemorrhage and has all of his equipment stolen by “anti-“fascist blackshirts.

The joke that passes for law “enforcement” in that shithole of a city, meanwhile, were busy admiring their manicures while aggravated assault, battery and larceny was taking place right before their eyes, waiting to make sure their progressive fascist pals had made good their escape before at least having the courtesy of getting Mr. Ngo shoved into an ambulance. Most likely because they didn’t feel like doing the paperwork if he’d died on the scene.

But fear not, that very same criminally negligent pussyhat-wearing excuse for a PD are now very diligently looking to find the perps and bring them to justice.

Sure. Once you get done having your vaginas steamed, we’re sure. And, of course, waiting for permission from your Mayor.

That whole “we were only follovink orderz” thing you seem to have going?

No, didn’t work the last time it was tried either. You should all resign in disgrace, then do the world a favor and suck start a Mossberg.

Once again: This won’t end pretty.


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