Google, still in shock over 2016 and hell bent and determined to do everything in their power to rig the election properly in 2020, marches on:

Meanwhile, crickets in DC are falling over from chirp-exhaustion.


UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take the Reichskommissars from Googlestapo HQ long. We did notice when we first read the story that the initial videos had already been “memory holed” by the jackbooted freaks at Google, so we used a different link. Which then promptly got taken down by the Webben-SS as well. We put another embed up now but when, not if, the Prognazis take that one down as well, you can always go to the horse’s mouth, so to speak, over here at Project Veritas.

You can’t stop the signal.

The Fascist Fucknozzles really, really don’t want you to watch this!

Meanwhile, it appears that a few Congresscritters DID see it before it got Bleachbitted off the ‘Tubes, and they weren’t best pleased.

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By Emperor Misha I

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