Well, as it has been said, we live in interesting times.

And remarkably dumb ones, too. We haven’t seen this much dumb since old man Marcus Licinius Crassus decided to march about 45,000 men in a straight line across the desert rather than follow the river conveniently located right next to him. Always one to be looking for a shortcut, he was. Of course, with Gaius Julius and Marcus’ son Publius running around making a spectacle of themselves in Gaul at the time, the old man sorta had to show that he still had it in him.

We like to remember him for that number he did on Spartacus, plus his pioneer work in the field of public road decorations on the Via Appia right after that, though. Never had another Servile War after that little number of his, but we digress…

So the Bimbo Barrista of Brooklyn, once again fighting to defend her title of dumbest congressthing since forever, decided to compare Obambi’s detention facilities on the border with concentration camps, conveniently forgetting (although we’re not entirely sure that it was as much of a convenient memory lapse as genuine pig ignorance in her particular case) that they weren’t President Trump’s invention.

Here are a few helpful pictures that might clarify things for everybody’s favorite Congress-imbecile:

NOT Buchenwald

On cue, the AOC Dumbsplosion Damage Control Army (aka “The Media”), jumped to her defense, helpfully pointing out that the daft cow was, of course, not referring to THOSE concentration camps, but those invented by the British during the Boer War.

Apart from noting in passing that the likelihood of Occasional Cortez knowing the Boer Wars from a hole in her pants is about the same as that of yours truly winning the lottery four weeks in a row, she most likely thought her defenders were referring to some ranchers fighting about pig hunting rights in Texas, but OK, we’ll play:

Picture taken inside Boer War “detention facility” at Bloemfontein

Not to mention her also throwing “never again” around quite a bit which, last we checked, doesn’t refer to a long forgotten war in South Africa.

Moving on…

The Daft Mullahs of Tehran, in an apparent attempt to prove themselves dumber than we already know they are, decided to start blowing up shipping in the Hormuz Strait because what’s the worst that could happen? (hint: Something like this, perhaps?), topping it off with shooting down one of our RC missile slingers. Say what you want about the Ayatollahs, but when it comes to poking entirely too large bears with entirely too small sticks, they’ve got the market cornered.

The ProziMedia and their owners, the Prozi Party, gleefully prepared a massive propaganda offensive and rubbed their little hands with glee at the prospect of a major war erupting just in time for their doomed 2020 campaign, only to have the football yanked away from them at the last possible moment when the President called off a military strike. Upon which they (the ProziMedia) promptly launched a propaganda offensive about the “weak, vacillating President” instead, a subject they certainly have quite a bit of experience with, having for eight years dutifully tongue-bathed the balls of their previous boss, the wishy-washiest President in history, on a daily basis.

Finally, we learned that the kill order has gone out from the DNC to kneecap old kiddy groper Biden’s campaign when ABC of all places decided to, uncharacteristically, report the news, talking about Old Gropey’s son’s tendency to make billions in foreign business every single time his daddy came back from a country he was doing business with. That, and Old Gropey’s past crime of voting for segregation alongside all of his fellow Democrats.

It’s always dangerous for a Prognazi to follow the party line, because you can never know what the Prognazi party line will be in a few years (or days, for that matter), at which point it will Never Have Been The Party Line Because Shut Up, That’s Why!™

Poor old Joe, being as dim as the last piece of warm coal at the bottom of an old campfire, probably hasn’t realized it yet, but his campaign is officially over and he’ll be lucky if he hasn’t been airbrushed out of all official DNC photos in a year.


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