Things are getting increasingly sporty in Das Vaterland, apparently:

German investigators have revealed that a popular regional political leader found dead in his garden was killed by a bullet fired at close range.

They have launched a criminal inquiry into the death of Walter Lübcke, the 65-year-old head of the regional council in the city of Kassel.

Suicide has been ruled out but police say they have no motive.

Lübcke was a leading local member of Mr Bouffier’s ruling centre-right CDU in the central German state, running the authority in one of Hesse’s three regional areas for the past decade.

He came to national prominence in October 2015 when he spoke out in favour of providing accommodation for refugees [Emphasis ours – Emp. M.]. Germany had decided to let in Syrians fleeing the civil war, and big numbers of asylum seekers were crossing Germany’s borders on a daily basis.

He reportedly received death threats and was given personal protection after telling a rowdy town hall meeting they had to stand up for Christian values [by flooding the formerly Christian nation with unassimilable, savage hordes of rapists and murderers, presumably. Strange logic, one must admit — Emp. M.] . “Whoever does not support these values can leave this country any time, if he doesn’t agree. This is the freedom of every German,” he said.

So either he was dropped by an angry German tired of having his teenage fellow Germans “enriched” to the point of rape and death, or he was dropped by a raging Saracen offended at his defense of Christianity, it would appear.

The one is predictable, the other is predictable as well, with a rich side serving of irony.

Now, if only there were a solution to the Merkel question as final as that one…

Before the Stasi informer cow manages to virtue signal the entire nation to death, that is.


UPDATE: It appears that we’ve become a victim of our own laziness again in assuming that anything in the media could be true. Herr Lübcke wasn’t, as the article strongly implies, urging individuals who don’t support Christian values to leave Germany. He was urging Germans who don’t support Angela Luder Merkel’s insane immivasion policies to just bugger off and leave their own home country.

With that in mind, we can only wonder what took the gunman so long. Nice grouping, by the way.

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