Greetings and salutations, spectatores!

We know we’ve been gone for a while (again, we hear you sigh, our apologies!), but it was really just what the doc ordered. If we’d asked him to order anything, that is, which we didn’t.

Kinda nice to kick back and ignore the “news” for a while, pretending that the world hasn’t gone completely ’round the bend and descended into full-on idiocy but, alas, the embarrassing abundance of idiots nowadays demand our presence, for as long as there is an Idiotarian to mock, it is our duty to do so.

Take this specimen, for instance, perfectly emblematic of the outrage culture foisted upon the rest of us by resentful, incompetent, bitter nobodies who just can’t stand it if nobody is paying attention:

What is that thing?, we hear you ask. We have no idea and even less reason to care. All we know about it is that it’s a pathetic life form with, allegedly, a law degree, which should tell anybody who cares all they need to know about the true value of a degree from a U.S. institute of “learning.”

We would like to know, however, just what it is that yours truly has done, being white, to make its life miserable. Not because we are looking for proof, but because we are honestly unaware of what it is that we’ve done to it, and we should like to know so we can do it some more.

A more suitable reply to the thing on display in the picture above was found at Ace’s in the comments:

Saira Rao, just shut the fuck up. Shut the whole fucking fuck up. Shut the new extended three hour director’s cut edition the fuck up. Once you’ve shut that fuck up, put in the bonus disc and click on the deleted fucks and shut those the fuck up. And once you have finished shutting the physical fuck up, redeem the code on the back, download the digital fuck from Amazon and shut those fucks up. And once your mouth has receded into itself with such force from shutting the fuck up that your entire digestive system collapses into a black hole, shut the fuck up one more time.
Posted by: WitchDoktor, as if anyone gives a shit

Now that there, dear LCs and GLORs, is a thing of sheer beauty! We are in the presence of a true master here, and all that His Majesty can say is that His Imperial Vileness is but an egg compared to such linguistic virtuosity.

We salute you!


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