We implore you! For all that’s good and holy, keep digging that hole of yours deeper.

We’re sure that you, dear LCs, have all been just as amused as yours truly at the hilarious antics of the Prozis, having had their collusion prize snatched away from them so brutally, responding with their usual level of somber reflection and self-criticism.

One would have to be a positive brute to not find infinite mirth in watching them scramble all over the field, dragging the goalposts ever further in a vain attempt at keeping their paranoid schizophrenic delusions alive. We certainly do. In the words of our Imperial cousin Caligula, “I haven’t laughed so hard since watching the Senate try to justify granting me a triumph for collecting wagon loads of seashells from the coasts of northern Gaul, the punchline being that I actually got he triumph!” He then went on to say some things we shan’t reprint here, it being a family blog, but we assure you a good time was had by all. Even Tiberius, that old curmudgeon, was chuckling into his wine.

So now it’s “obstruction”, is it?

We’ll leave aside explaining how one can be “obstructing justice” in the pursuit of a crime that never took place for the more masochistic of our good citizens, but we expect the coming months to be entertaining, at the very least.

But how did the good Emperor Trump “obstruct justice”, exactly?

By not at any point keeping witnesses from testifying or even encouraging them not to? By not terminating the investigation at any point he might have desired, having the very authority to do just that? By not immediately firing each and every one of the Obama junta’s holdovers and replacing them with sycophants as is also very much within his authority as president?

We have to say, for an allegedly guilty person with a guilty conscience with all of those powers and more, he certainly seems to be the worst “obstructionist” in the history of the world.

Oh! He displayed anger and frustration in public at being accused of what, if true, amounts to nothing less than treason?

Well we NEVER! What decent human being, knowing that he was innocent of some of the gravest accusations ever thrown against any man, would ever, EVER get angry and say so out loud?

Every single one of them, that’s who.

We’re reminded of when the good Brett Kavanaugh, now Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh (we somehow can’t seem to tire of typing that out loud, as it were), was going through the Senate Stalinist Kangaroo Kourt “hearings” and the Prozis, having failed utterly to prove in any way that he was not suited for the job with their felonious slanders, fell back on stating that he was unsuited because he, wait for it, got emotional in his response to their lies. It was a “flaw in his character” to get angry.

After having been accused, based on no evidence at all, of being an alcoholic, gang-raping child molester.

Again: What decent human being would get angry at such accusations?

Again: Every single one of them.

As a matter of fact, Justice Kavanaugh would have been beyond justified in demanding satisfaction, the traditional way, from every single one of the mendacious, honor-less nithings throwing those slanders at him, and we would have been honored to act as his second.

Anger when accused of something you did not do is not only your right, it is your DUTY if you’re a decent human being.

After all, if mortal insults slung at your very honor are not enough to rouse you to anger in defense of yourself, then what WILL you defend?

Can a worm such as will not rise in anger against such calumny ever be said to be worthy of any position of authority? Would you trust somebody who, while perfectly innocent, would roll over meekly when accused of being a traitor or a child rapist?

We would not.

Such a spineless skraeling would be better off getting a job with Bill Kristol’s cuck gang of Nevertrumptards. After all, being submissive, honor-less bitches seems to be right up their well-traveled back alleys.

Nevertheless, this seems to be all that the Prozi Party has left: Anger at unjust accusations is treason and proof of criminality.

Keep choking that chicken, Prozis.

2020 will be fun.


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By Emperor Misha I

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