Sure, we were all paranoid about “slippery slopes” back when gays asked, reasonably enough unless you’re a complete monster, to be allowed to enter partnerships with the same legal protections as traditional marriages. His Imperial Majesty objected to one thing, and one thing only, and that was the re-definition of the already well-established word “marriage.” That’s it. And we suggested at the time that maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t just about being able to designate your same-sex partner as your legal heir, a perfectly reasonably request, but maybe something bigger, something that would metastasize, thanks to the cancerous tiny minorities of extremists in the LGBTQWTFEVER community.

And now we have trannies demanding that people be arrested for “mis-gendering” them. Oh, and Montana trying (and failing, thank G-d) to make pedophilia “just another sexual preference.”

We repeat, LOUDLY: This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rank and file of gays just wanting to not be beaten up, murdered or worse for simply having a preference for partners of the same sex, there is absolutely NOTHING unreasonable about asking for or even demanding that, it has EVERYTHING to do with a tiny, irredeemable psychologically maladjusted minority refusing to take “yes” for an answer.

But back to the matter at hand:

To the three of you who don’t know, and we’re wildly exaggerating here, Dylan Mulvaney is the individual who managed to make the only beer in the world worse than Budweiser, Budweiser Light, even more toxic to its rapidly shrining demographic, to the tune of billions of worth of lost stock value, now being wiped off by Anheuser-Pisswasser on some unknown minor employee in marketing which, on the face of it, is almost as laughable as the Pentagon trying to wipe off the Ukraine leaks on a reservist kid. Everybody who has ever worked for a corporation larger than a lemonade stand knows that you can’t change a word on the cafeteria menu without corporate’s OK but hey, see if it works for you, Anheuser-Buttwater.

In a video from October 2022 now going viral, Mulvaney declares that journalists who commit the “crime” of “misgendering” him in their reporting should be arrested.

“The articles written about me using ‘he’ pronouns and calling me a man over and over again,” he starts. “I feel like that should be illegal. I don’t know that’s that’s just bad journalism.”

Listen, buttercup: You’re a man. You can pretend that you’re a woman all you like, much as we can pretend that we’re an actual Emperor all that we like (with the main difference that we do not expect to be taken seriously by anybody with an IQ above that of a rotting leek), that is your G-d given right. But that doesn’t MAKE you a man, any more than we calling ourself an emperor entitles US to be addressed as “Your Imperial Majesty.”

Referring to an individual with a Y chromosome as a “man” is science, something you freaks always claim to hold the high ground on in spite of the fact that you wouldn’t know the difference between a proton and a neutron if your lives depended on it. What it is NOT is a “crime” and, last we checked, you can’t be arrested for anything that isn’t a crime, at least not in minimally civilized societies.

It’s not even “bad journalism”, it’s called “an accurate description of the facts” which, in times long past, was actually the cornerstone of GOOD journalism. “Report the facts, let the public make up their own minds.”

Facts. Look up the definition, Dylan, it’s right there.

If you want the right to wear a dress, fine. You already have that one. It was, at the risk of repeating ourself, given to you by G-d.

What you do NOT have the right to is to demand that everybody else affirm you in your delusions about being a woman, and you most CERTAINLY don’t have the right to demand that people be arrested for refusing to admire the emperor’s new clothes when he is butt, stark naked.

Bring friends, Dylan, because it won’t end well for you and your mentally ill compadres if you persist in your fascist aspirations.


By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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