Articles from November 2021

Oz is sinking fast

This is fucking (pardon my French) ASININE! A great number of heads in Canberra need to roll after a long ride in a caged tumbril such that citizens can pelt them with rotten fruit and stones. I do miss the Australia of the 1970’s. 80’s and 90’s when I was thee on business frequently.

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Kenosha As We Knew Ye

Not sure what is going to happen tomorrow or Wednesday. It could be a total travesty of justice or a sane verdict based on actual facts exposed. The judge seems to be a “no nonsense in my courtroom” type but then he is a D (but possibly a classical sane JFK liberal). Going to be

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The Meaning of Election 2021

While some of the feces still remain airborne on the downwind side of the democrat’s fan, the results of the election cycle of 2021 clearly favored the conservative public. This is something of a surprising result. While most of us surely expected a powerful backlash to all the corruption, misdeeds and general dingbattery of the

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