I have been reading some of the back and forth on the CCPVirus here on the Rottie. I thought I would share what I have learned about the coronavirus and the responses to it by governments around the world.

The headline here is “Why is no one talking about Africa”


, or some of the other areas of the world where vaccination is low? The vaccination level in Africa is around 5%, but despite this, the pandemic is essentially over, with approximately 1/50 the number of cases and deaths as the West. It is such a compelling question that you even see it pop up in media once in a while, only to be snuffed like a candle. It turns out that most of Africa receives routine doses of HCQ to ward off the real scourge of Africa, Malaria. HCQ IS a proven virus fighter. Fauci, as head of the NIH, knew about this in 2005. Africa is a whole continent of proof that HCQ could have saved lives.

The survival rate of the CCP Virus remains above 99% for all populations. The data on this in the US has been polluted deliberately by government financial incentives for hospitals to report as many deaths as possible as virus deaths. The database includes people who died of gunshot wounds and motorcycle accidents. The US government recently admitted that only about 6% of all reported covid deaths were actually from the virus alone.  What seems to be happening most of the time, at least in the U.S., is that seriously ill people are being made more ill by the virus. The virus appears to be stealing months, not years, from most of its victims. This is exactly the same pattern the flu demonstrates, which, coincidently, has almost completely disappeared from the data for the 20-21 flu season.  Imagine that.

Has anyone in media tried to explain the unprecedented degree of alignment among government responses to the virus? History says this doesn’t happen. It would be less remarkable except for the fact that these sets of responses being implemented are economically damaging, affronts to personal liberty and stunningly remunerative to large corporations. In 18 months

, the wealthiest people in the US are now $1.5 trillion richer. It is impossible to ignore the goal-directed coordination of our governments, especially if, like me, you have known about the NWO movement and its plans for decades.

By now, only the most staunch deniers of reality refuse to acknowledge that the virus came from the Wuhan Institute. In hindsight, it is quite clear that the release was part of the NWO plan, even if the virus emerged accidently and prematurely. Now think about this. If the virus was part of the plan, would the NWO risk their own lives for it? Of course not. The virus had to be no more dangerous than an ordinary bug. It was the preparation and execution of a pandemic propaganda plan, complete with fake videos of dead people in Chinese streets that would raise the level of fear needed for the virus to do its job (I especially love the guy who puts his arms out to break his fall). Instead, the vaccines could be made to achieve the results the NWO wanted, since their members could easily avoid it, while the clueless world could be forced to take it. Brilliant bit of planning, that. The WEF wargaming of the pandemic in the months leading up to the virus release is the smoking gun here. Participants even got a stuffed coronavirus toy, made, of course, in China.

The ‘vaccine’ is not a vaccine. It is an mRNA segment created in a lab and designed to edit intracellular genetic components. Its stated goal is to cause cells it takes over to produce the spike protein of the virus, ostensibly to train the immune system to attack it in the event of an infection. No nation has ever, to my knowledge, introduced drugs for human genetic revision into a public marketplace. There are many good reasons why they have been reluctant to do so, as there are many unknowns in this new area of science. Assuming it was created in good faith, the rate of adverse consequences clearly shows the reluctance was wise. The makers promised the vaccine would remain in the shoulder muscle, which was an important issue, due to cell specialization and unpredictable results in infecting other types of tissue. Unfortunately, it has been found all over the body in autopsies done on patients who died after receiving it. We have also found patients whose bodies were full of the spike protein, which is toxic to humans. The drug may be killing some people via anaphylactic shock. We also do not yet publicly know all of the components of the vaccine. Meanwhile, the FDA is trying to keep all of this secret for the next 55 years.

If I know this, so do the people driving government decision-making. There is no need to lockdown. No need to mask. No need to close schools. No need to make vaccinations mandatory. No need for vaccine passports. Just deliver a simple


, cheap protocol using HCQ or Ivermectin tablets, zinc supplements, and vitamin C to high risk populations. But they are not doing this. They are doing only what makes money for big donors and what enhances their control. This is a recipe for tyranny. Especially when you remember that the Nuremberg Accord clearly states that medical procedures cannot be coerced, a clear response to NAZI medical experimentation atrocities our governments have clearly forgotten.

The vaccine is dozens of times more dangerous than any vaccine on the market. Social media is awash with stories of injuries and deaths. The US has a voluntary reporting system for vaccine accidents which is known to be under-reported and has also been tinkered with (numbers from the past going down over time)

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, but even it reports over 100,000 injuries and 10,000 deaths from the vaccine. The last time a new vaccine caused 50 deaths after release, it was pulled from the market. The truth on the vaccine is slowly coming out. Soccer players in Europe are dropping on the pitch – 3 in one recent week – and these events are hard to hide.

The science on natural immunity is being hidden from the people. The few studies that have gotten out to any audience on this topic in the last year show that natural immunity is many times more complete and durable than the vaccine. People who have had the virus have nothing to gain from a vaccine, even if it was a safe one.

I have been around awhile. I know that even ordinary governments are brutish, indifferent and callous. This is something else entirely. All of us need to take a step back and look at this whole instead of piecemeal, and ask ourselves if any of this looks like appropriate behavior for a government whose only job is to protect its people.

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By LC SecondMouse

Find me on twitter at @DiscardedVirtue Retired CEO. Constitutional conservative. Mortal enemy of moral hazard, ignorance and collectivism. Traveler on the Inner Journey, Zen Buddhist, Taoist. Walker of The Way. Teacher and Student.

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