(Requires clear vision, soft dictatorship and a 12 year suspension of Congress)

It is hereby the policy of these United States, that there will be no expenditure of resources whatsoever to combat any perceived variations in the weather.

The sum total of human (and indeed pre-human) existence, both documented by said humans and from fossil record, show variations and swings in the planet’s environment that go far beyond any that might be imputable to human activity over the entire span of existence.

It is therefore declared that there will be zero effort by government in this sphere and it is left to the individuals and the states to decide what they might wish to do and fund locally or indeed, not do at all.

No tax funds will be expended on anything in any way regarding the climate other than to document accurately the conditions at any location where humans decide they wish to maintain such records for posterity.

NGO such as universities, wildlife foundations, oceanic study and others that work within the former federal environmental sphere shall cease to receive any funding in any manner from the taxpayer . If solely funded by donations they may choose to continue such work but it shall have no impact on the government policy. It is left to the local population to decide what is or is not acceptable in their immediate environment.

No decision by any locality or court shall have force on any other unless locally voted on.

Industries that pollute are the responsibility of the self same industries and the locales where they operate. It is up to the locals to balance jobs

, prosperity and quality of life against whatever local conditions are present. No industry shall receive government protection from legal liability; the onus for any lawsuits pursued will be borne by the losing party.

As a result of this approach, the federal agencies listed will cease to operate with respect to climate and environment related activity within six months from the date of this announcement. Employees of these agencies slated for separation may receive full pay up to the projected date and are encouraged to seek employment elsewhere, preferably in the private sector.

After the 6 month term there will be a graduated reduction in wages and benefits at the rate of 20% of original amount per month until said payments cease.

No agency formerly engaged in such activities will maintain law enforcement functions

, same which are reserved to the states, should they choose to maintain such.

U.S. Federal Agencies listed for closure shall proceed per above. Agencies where the function is removed without affecting other legitimate activities (such as Defense) will wind down all environmental activity funding outside of recording and statistical reporting where such is required.

A list of agencies is provided here :

Council on Environmental Quality

• Department of Agriculture

, including the USFS
• Department of Defense
• Department of Energy
• Department of the Interior, including the BLM, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, USGS
• US Environmental Protection Agency
• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Note: Just in case you are not aware of how expansive and intrusive the federal government has become, click on any of the Wikipedia links provided, it beggars belief. (links did not post but look up Council on Environmental Quality in Wicki for details)

Economic reality eventually trumps ideology. When millions are freezing and starving to death

, fossil fuels and nuclear energy become quite desirable, as the Chinese and Indians already know. Pity it is going to take a die off in the E.U. UK and even the U.S. to drive this lesson home. Amazingly, France seems to have seen the light bulb first. Apparently Napoleonic law allows the elites to tell the greens F.U.

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