Do these things and watch the economy and population surge.

1) Eliminate the income tax, strike the 16h amendment from the constitution and introduce a 10% federal tax at point of sale. Fixed, never to change for any reason. If economy grows, fed tax intake grows. If it shrinks, so does fed take. Applies to all purchases/sales except for raw foods (not processed beyond cutting/cleaning/packaging and basic inputs to farming and raising food animals).  Why 10% – because it is a reasonable amount based on the GDP for a right sized  government. If funding is too great, add wording to the amendment that allows reductions in percentage (remember, no increases tolerated, not even by euphemism).

2) Eliminate all Federal regulations. Period. The Federal government has 2 duties

, defense of the nation and settling disagreements between states. Dismiss 80% of federal employees, not needed, the states take care of their own issues outside of national defense and even then, the Guard remains state controlled and only an act of congress with 2/3 majority vote allows them to go to war outside of the U.S. (something grossly ignored since the close of WW II) The core national defense team is kept small and professional. BTW, border control and embassy functions are a national defense issue all controlled by the Executive branch outside of declarations of war.

3) Privatize or release to the States all social services currently shoved into the federal (centralized) system. All services must be answerable directly to the people at the state level. This includes Welfare , Education, Medical, Retirement and all federal level Police related. With modern communications the FBI is an anachronism and choke point. As to feel good things, States should manage all the so called “National Parks” on their lands seeing what an effed up job the centralized and corrupt apparatchiks do. Resources are to be exploited for the benefit of the citizens of each state, who are directly responsible for their proper management by selecting answerable representatives. Governors appoint the Senators for each state, as it used to be before corruption became dominant.

4) Always keep in mind the glitter rule (it is fool’s gold now, no real gold backs anything):

                      The government cannot give to anybody anything that
                      the government does not first take from somebody else.
                      This includes printing money without limits

, inflation
                      takes away your money through devaluation and increased
                      cost of goods which is a tax pure and simple.

5) Federal regulations on everything are one of the root causes of increased cost, poor service, inefficiencies and corruption, leading to a tax burden that directly dis-incentivizes a prosperity which sustains larger families. Return to a low tax environment with 1 breadwinner and 1 home maker then stand back for the explosion of growth and prosperity.

6) Enforce existing laws on immigration. What is coming across the borders is a criminal invasion, not immigration. All those supporting and promoting it should be removed from political office permanently and lose their cushy pensions.

Never happen you say? Well, if we keep on current path the explosion and destruction of what now is, may present such an opportunity in varying degree within each state. Washington is well on the way to becoming irrelevant.

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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