First off, I have no idea how I got to be posted as the author of the thread below, because I surely wasn’t anywhere near the site.

Second of all, related to the headline, what on Earth is going on with two full divisions of troops stationed in DC to “protect” a “virtual inauguration”?

30,000 troops? Seriously? We had 5 times less than that to keep Ashcanistan under wraps for decades, yet you need that amount of troops to make sure your Usurper’s Ball goes on without interruption? From what? A gaggle of patriots waving American flags and protesting?

You really ARE scared shitless, aren’t you?


You should be.

This is only the beginning.

And, whatever may happen along the way to that point

, we’re no prophet, we can assure you that you’ll enjoy the end even less.

You’ve awoken something terrible, something that cannot ever be put to rest, a monster with a terrible resolve and an unforgiving nature, a creature that, no matter what the setbacks and pains along the way might be, will never, ever relent, and the longer it takes to reach the end, the more merciless it will be when said end arrives.

Ask Ceaucescu and his missus.

What? You can’t? Why might that be?

If only you idiots had ever bothered to crack open a book you could have been spared all of this, but you didn’t. And if you did, you utterly ignored the lessons in there with your fool’s mantra of “this time, it will be different!” Because you, the likes of Titties O’Caca, obviously have some insight that somehow eluded the best and brightest of several millennia of humans, because you’re just that smart!

We piss on you, whomever you might be, and you can praise or curse us according to your preferences, but in the end it will make not a lick of difference.

Again, shitlibs, crack open a book if you don’t believe us.

But this time, try to read for comprehension.

We don’t give a shit either way. You’ll die just the same, and your rotting carcasses will feed the soil just as well.

We’re everywhere, and we’re not going away. We’re just going to get harder and harder to find.

But we’re still there. Your neighbors

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, your employees, your dentists, doctors and plumbers, the guy walking behind you in a dark alley late at night, your “friends” and mistresses. You’ll never know where the blow comes from. But you can know that it will.

Sleep tight. But keep one eye open.

We’re the last people you’ll never see.


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