Let’s not overlook some of Joe Biden’s other brilliant comments this week. He worried about “nuclear pliferation

,” and he once again tried to exhort the nation to greater deeds.

“We’ll find it and we’ll .. you’ll find your purpose as we’re gonna find our purpose for our nation as a nation now.”

Can you quote you on that, Mr. President-Select?

OOOH I am SO stealing that….

“I’m gonna .. we’re gonna impose the .. we’re gonna enforce, excuse me, employ the Defense Reconstruct Act to be able to go out there and dictate companies build and do following things we need much more testing we need much more masking we need gloves. …”

Heres the money shot

What did Joe Biden mean to say? I’m guessing that, like most of us, he’s less familiar with “psalms” than with “palms.” Greased palms, in particular, if you can believe the emails on his crackhead son Hunter’s laptop, now in possession of the FBI.

By LCBren

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