At age 76

, Kerry is an elder statesman of US politics. During his youth he served with distinction in the Vietnam War before returning to America where he became a leading critic of that war. In 1985 he was elected to the US Senate representing Massachusetts.

And was a good friend of Hanoi Jane Fonda.

At a conference in Melbourne last year, Kerry told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald that he was surprised that the Adani coal mine in Queensland was being built.

What we do inside our sovereign borders is none of your fucking business.

“We shouldn’t be building huge coal infrastructure going forward,” he said. “We need to be much more creative and much more disposed to push the curve on the other alternatives.”


“We” will do as we fucking well please, and I seriously suggest you not take that tone with Scott Morrison..he wont accept it for a moment. I dont give a rats ass what you think you want to “lead”, Lurch, the US does not and never will issue orders or propose to change our policies.

Your buddy Biden already shoved his feet in it over Ireland


In an interview with Channel 4 News, Duncan Smith said: “It’s nothing to do with them and we will get on with our legislation. We are a sovereign nation, that’s what we voted for. And therefore sovereign nations have the right to be sovereign.” “If I was Joe Biden,” he added, “I would look to his own domestic politics rather than ours.” Asked whether that constituted a “polite butt out” in the president-elect’s direction, Duncan Smith replied: “you can take it as you wish”.


Biden is known to oppose Brexit, and warned that any US-UK trade deal will be scuppered if Britain’s departure from the EU undermines the Good Friday Agreement.

I dont know who this doddering old imbecile thinks he is

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, but the message is loud and clear

DO NOT try and intervene in our sovereign affairs or we will tell you to fuck right off.

From Piers Morgan

“Can you imagine how Americans would react if a British Prime Minister tried to tell them how to control their border?” he wrote.

“Butt out, Mr Biden – this is none of your business.”

By LCBren

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