In an excellent post over at Francis’ place which you’re encouraged to read, there was one minor bit from the author, Col. B. Bunny, that we have a quibble with. It doesn’t detract from the article’s main points, which are excellent, but we feel a need to correct a minor detail in it:

IIRC, the Germans early on experimented with bringing in Turks nobly to do their part for a comfortable retirement for Germans. They half-heartedly held them at arm’s length insisting on the fiction that the Turks were “guest workers,” except that the Turks didn’t think they were any kind of “guests” and shortly the Germans — and then all other European political morons — wouldn’t turn off the flood, …

We’re not German, but our native neighboring stomping grounds went through the same “Turkish Phase”, for the very same reasons, and they weren’t to “do their part for the native geezers’ retirement.”

The reason was that we were running out of workers. Our economies were growing so fast at that time that we simply didn’t have enough able bodies to fill up the open positions in our shipyards and factories. Turkey did. So they were invited to come work under the guest worker program which was, indeed, intended as a guest worker program. Prerequisites were 1) the skills needed to perform the jobs they came to do and 2) that they didn’t create a fuss and understood that when in Rome, you’re supposed to do as the Romans do. There weren’t any “come as you are and we’ll just put up with it” escape clauses.

The Turks of that wave understood that and complied. As a result, throughout all of His Imperial Majesty’s life over there, we never had a single problem with the new Turks failing to assimilate or insisting on special privileges, welfare and G-d knows what else. They worked their butts off and recognized that they were people trying to gain acceptance from the country they’d moved to rather than invaders demanding acceptance from their hosts.

No problems at all. Which is important, partly to illustrate that yes, Virginia, peaceful immigration IS possible (shouldn’t really be necessary to point out in these United States of America, but such are the times we live in) as long as it’s controlled and based on qualifications and assimilation of the immigrant, rather than the opposite. And also important to illustrate why the “second wave”, the immivasions we see today, have been such monumental disasters.

When you admit everything with a pulse, no screening, no prerequisites and then proceed to not only fail to demand assimilation, but encourage the opposite, you will inevitably end up with the kind of clusterfucks that we have today.

Textbook example of how to do it versus how NOT to do it.

And, as per usual, nobody will pay any attention, because that would require opening a book on occasion.


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