Please DO read the whole thing here (if you’ve taken your blood pressure meds for today already), but here’s the rundown of what’s been going on in Prognazi Land for the last couple of days:

1) Some fascist sow name of Meg McClellan at Pinterest, another SJW-converged fascist organization, blocks Live Action (a pro-life group) from posting by labeling them “porn” and putting them on a block list.

2) A brave individual at Pinterest reaches out to Project Veritas to blow the whistle on this (along with other goings on at Pinterest HQ, such as their labeling of Ben Shapiro as a “white supremacist”. A Jewish White Supremacist? Now we’ve seen it all. It seems you must have an IQ of 60 or less to join the Prozi Party).

3) Project Veritas starts posting about this latest fascist censorship offensive on Twatter.

4) Pinterest fires the whistleblower (probably lamenting that they can’t do like their ideological forebears and send him to a “nice” camp in the countryside).

5) Pinterest runs crying to their buddy, Obersturmbannführer Dorsey, at Twatter, who promptly suspends Project Veritas to keep them from reporting on his buddies at Pinterest.

From the article linked, which you should have read by now:

Stuff like this is why I believe that the full force of the federal government needs to be marshaled to extract vengeance from these people. I could care less what the Bulwark boys and their fan club bleats about “muh private corporation” and “principles” and “don’t use them.” We have the necessary tools of power and woe be to us if we don’t use them, while we can and before it is too late, to make the existence of Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and Google and Amazon and PayPal so painful and onerous that they will either voluntarily dissolve into smaller business units, be broken up by legal action, go out of business, or decide to stay the f*** out of national political discussions.

We couldn’t possibly agree more. Except we have much, much more creative ideas when it comes to how to punish the online fascists.

They need to be taken down.

Not just for the good of the nation and free speech, but also for their own good.

Because if Washington DC continues to refuse to do their duty, then, eventually, the people will do theirs.

And that won’t be pretty.


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