At least that’s what Christians are suddenly called, unanimously, by the Prozi nomenklatura when talking about the islamist massacre in Sri Lanka, murdering 290 Christians attending Easter services.

You won’t find the word “Christian” anywhere, only this strange, mythological beast, “Easter worshipper”. We weren’t aware that anybody worships Easter, but there you have it.

Also notably absent in the coverage of this the latest muslim mass murder of innocents: Any reference to islam. The closest they get is “religious extremist”, leaving everybody wondering whether Militant Methodists were behind it. Or perhaps the Amish Liberation Front of Sri Lanka?

And, of course, what will be entirely absent in about a day or two is any coverage whatsoever of this brutal atrocity.

Just doesn’t fit the narrative, don’t you know?

Let’s get back to talking about how poor Ilhan is getting mean voicemails, shall we?

We don’t know why she’s so upset.

It’s just some people saying something, after all.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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