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Conservative French politicians expressed concern Thursday about the prospect of modern architecture being added to Notre-Dame cathedral after the government invited design proposals for a new roof and spire.

Politicians from France’s right-wing Republicans and far-right National Rally (RN) party called on the government to restore the cathedral exactly as it was before the devastating fire broke out on Monday evening.

French President Emmanuel Macron has set a five-year target for the reconstruction to be completed and has said ‘an element of modern architecture could be imagined.’

Wait while we check…

Yes, Le Corbusier is still dead, thank G-d. We were having sudden visions of Notre Dame being rebuilt to look like a Soviet prison block.

Not that something equally atrocious might not happen if that horrid joke Macron has his way.

‘Let’s stop this madness: we need to have absolute respect for French heritage,’ Jordan Bardella from the National Rally told LCI channel, rejecting the idea that ‘some modern art thing’ might be added.

‘Modern art makes me nostalgic for the arts of the past,’ he added.

Modern “art” makes His Imperial Majesty nostalgic for the nearest vomitorium.

‘There will be a competition that will get architects from all over the world to reflect,’ Culture Minister Franck Riester told RMC radio.

Yep… Here we go…

A descendant of architect Viollet-le-Duc urged on Thursday that the steeple be rebuilt in some form after the government said one option might be to do without one altogether.

‘Not reconstructing the spire would equate to amputating an element that belongs to it,’ Jean-Marie Henriquet, 76, told AFP.

Oh have no fear. It will almost certainly be redone. It might end up looking suspiciously much like a minaret, but… SHUT UP YOU RAYCISSSS!

We see that not even the nigh destruction of one of the most iconic remnants of a French culture long gone was enough to change the suicidal tone of the French body politic.

We’d be lying if we said we were surprised.


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