Looking at this picture, and watching live footage of the tragedy, it was impossible for His Imperial Majesty to not see something more than “just” a building burning.

Which is unavoidable, of course. Notre Dame is, after all, most definitely NOT “just a building.” It is one of the most famous symbols of the Church and Western Civilization and there it was, on fire and collapsing.

Because of an “accident”, of course. We were told by “authorities” immediately that that’s what it was, even before the Paris Fire Dept. had had time to roll out the hoses and connect them. An “accident”, no more, beyond a shadow of a possible doubt, and the media immediately and obediently clapped their flippers in unison, arfed on command and spread the word far and wide.

It might have been an accident, to be sure. Nobody knows at this point (or, if they do, they’re not telling), and ultimately it doesn’t matter.

We know that “accident” is going to be the established story, whether it turns out to have been one or not. No questions asked or permitted, lest somebody start wondering if it was some people who did something.

Still, a sentient being might wonder how come France is suddenly so accident prone. One might ask how anybody can know, with such unwavering certainty, that this was an accident in a country where close to 900 churches were the targets of arson, vandalism and desecration in 2018 alone. One might also ask how churches in Germany seem to have become bafflingly accident prone.

Or, perhaps more importantly, one might wonder why churches in Poland and Hungary HAVEN’T.

Is there some sort of correlation here that we’re not supposed to notice?

We ask, of course, purely rhetorically, because everybody and their brother knows that yes, there is, and we also know what this mysterious correlating factor is.

Just as we know that the Lying Media are going to keep lying about it.

Just as we know that nobody believes their lies anymore.

So what comes next?

Looking through history, we all know what comes next. We just don’t know when it comes. But come it will.

Many people, oblivious to history or perhaps just willfully ignorant of it because the inevitable conclusions it provides are legitimately terrifying, dismiss it with a wave of the hand, saying “nothing comes next, it’s all over, forget about it. Game over man, game over”, citing the numerous times that everybody said “this is it” in the past, only to be proven wrong when “this” turned out to not be “it” and the sheep went back to sleep.

Those people do have a point. We all remember how everybody, to a man, ourselves included, just KNEW how Black Tuesday was “it”, that henceforth Islam would be a religion only followed in Hell and then… well, none of that happened. Or all of the other acts of terrorism that surely, absolutely would mark the point where Western Civ was going to put their foot down and yell “we ain’t going to take it anymore, prepare to die!” Except none of those marked any such point.

The thing about sudden upheavals, points in history where “everything changed” is that they came as absolute and total surprises to the people living at the time.

One might easily dig through mountains of books and determine, with pinpoint accuracy that this or that even was the point in time when the apple cart tipped over, but what’s always overlooked in essays identifying such monumental turning points are the countless potential turning points that preceded them, yet led to nothing.

It’s easy for somebody today to point to the invasion of Poland in ’39 and say “HA! this is where WWII started!” It certainly was, but what about the Sudetenland? The Anschluss? The reoccupation of the Rhineland? Why didn’t they trigger the whole mess. The people living at the time sure as Hell weren’t so cocksure that those events weren’t going to start anything.

Upheavals have a way of continuing to not happen endlessly until they do, and everybody’s caught flat footed when that point is reached. Then, twenty or so years later, everybody “just knows” what caused it and spend thousands of pages describing how “anybody could see that this or that would happen”, it was “plain as day” etc. and so forth. We guess the idiots actually living through those events were just too damn dumb to see it, right?

So the next upheaval is going to surprise everybody too. Not the upheaval itself, what can’t go on won’t go on and at this point it’s all but inevitable, but the timing of it. Like a thief in the night.

For decades, the steam has been building up, every fresh atrocity, insult and injustice adding a small amount of pressure and inevitably the kettle’s going to blow.

And when it does, the resulting actions are not just going to exact revenge for whatever event triggers it, they’re going to be about repaying every single repressed slight, every tolerated act of intolerance, every rape, every murder, every last damn thing that those holding their anger back have been adding up on their lists, and they will remember every last detail.

It will all come out, reprisals for it all. With interest.

Because that is how it’s always been, throughout all of human history.

This will be no different.


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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