Getting all upset and stuff over “some people doing something.”

Clearly Ilhan “All in the Family” Omar is having a grand old time laughing at all of those daft Americans acting all silly about al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.

She’s as giggly as she was when she was a child and got “My First Auschwitz Coloring Book” as a birthday present.

Of course, this, that is to say “quoting somebody’s words”, is obviously “inciting hatred.”

1) We don’t give a flying shit.

2) “Inciting hatred” is when you falsify somebody’s statements or distort facts to create hatred. Such as when, for instance, Ted “Just one More Donut, Please” Lieu doctors a video to make Candace Owens sound like she’s a fan of Hitler. Which, oddly enough, is NOT “inciting hatred” according to the Prozi Media.

(Also. A black woman Nazi? Seriously? They really don’t make Nazis the way they used to).

If the clip above, along with the “some people did something” clip, is “inciting hatred”, then showing a clip of Adolf Hitler accusing the Jews of every evil to ever befall Germany while comparing them to rats and cancer must, by the same standard, be “inciting hatred against Adolf Hitler.”

If so, then “inciting hatred”, according to the neo-Prozi definition, is a good thing.

Remember when words meant something?


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By Emperor Misha I

Ruler of all I survey -- and then some.

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