Because it’s Schiller, Schiller Night

With a modest dose of sweet, sweet Schadenfreude thrown in for good measure, because few things please us more than seeing socialists kicked in their shriveled genitalia. Few things indeed. Watching them frogmarched to the edge of a freshly dug ditch, made to kneel facing it and being shot in the back of their disgusting,

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Go After Their Kids!

We just keep learning. We have been positively disgustingly behind in keeping up with Ogabe’s Brownshirts’ New Civility™. For instance, now we learn that the best and most civil, unhurtful way, if you’re a liberal fascist, to oppose the views and candidacies of individuals that you don’t agree with politically is to go after their

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Your “New Civility” Primer

Mary Katharine has been kind enough to investigate just what exactly this new leftist tone that Ogabe keeps insisting upon is and how to follow his most exalted decree. After much exploring the Civil Left (unlike those hateful hating haterist hate-bagging Tea Partiers) she has the answer ready for ya. Allow His Majesty, Emperor Misha

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Will Nobody Stop Those Haters and Terrorists?

The notorious Tea Party fanatics at Politico, those violence-inciting, murderous, uncivil, extremist, right wing animals, are calling for the assassination of politicians all across the nation with a map riddled with dangerous crosshairs.