Okay, kids, speculation time is over.  Time to put down the conspiracy toys for the time being.  The search warrant that some of you insisted was never given to Trump’s attorney has been released — complete with the signature of the same attorney who claimed on Fox News that she never got it.

It’s pretty much as I figured.  Standard, actually.  Boilerplate with addendums.  The inventory is also standard.

What’s missing — and I would have been VERY surprised if it had been released — is the supporting affidavit(s).  They typically have information on confidential informants, information, or methodology that they do not want out to the public and/or the subject/target.


So now you know.  They DID find a lot of stuff, and they took it back where it belonged.  Where they go from here, who knows?  For that matter, who cares?


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By DJ - Your Political Sock Puppet

"Well, ya gotta have someone to yell at"

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Reply to  DJ - Your Political Sock Puppet
August 13, 2022 00:57

Im out for a while. Maybe a week maybe longer, I dont know. I will leave you with this, sneer and laugh and handwave it off all you like I really dont give a fuck. If you cannot..or will not..see this for what it is. If you cannot, or will not, look further to realise that this is polltically motivated,… Read more »

Emperor Misha I
August 13, 2022 03:10

So, the Fibs confiscated a load of boxes that the GSA sent to him and that he and his staff subsequently padlocked in a separate room on their recommendations? Clearly he’s as guilty as Hitler. I’ll be careful about ordering anything online from here on out. What if I order a collection of the works of H.G. Wells and somebody… Read more »

August 13, 2022 14:57

I see that the search warrant was turned over to Trump’s lawyer as of 6:18PM on Monday. So, after they went through Melania’s underwear and left, they deigned to provide a copy. The reports of not being given that search warrant were before that time, DJ. Good try, though.

August 13, 2022 18:40

I just wonder if team Trump is truly paranoid enough to survive this onslaught. By this I mean that these boxes “locked in a special room with extra locks per DOJ prior request” were gone through by TT and catalogged page by page, along with video evidence. If this was not done, there is zero way to defend against anything… Read more »

Reply to  DJ - Your Political Sock Puppet
August 14, 2022 12:49

I will worry about the declassification thing when the 31 million pieces of paper that Obungles walked off with, and has ingnored every attempt to get them back by the gov. The irony of this just kills me, the .gov can slow walk any FOIA request or any other process till the person filing has passed away, without repercussions, yet… Read more »

Reply to  terrapod
August 14, 2022 14:27

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