The resistance to dictatorial government policies appears to be on the rise around the globe (finally!) and I now think it is only a matter of weeks before capitulations begin to domino across the Anglosphere and the EU.


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, some other interesting things are happening, such as the possibility of Greater Idaho with 2/3 of Washington State jumping ship and partitioning the state.

Not to mention California and Colorado unrest over the flaming liberals destroying the conservative (sane) portions of their respective states with their policies, engendering the movements to secede and/or shift land boundaries to become independent (two new stars on the flag?) or become part of a saner state (yeah

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, we all want to be in a saner state).

Who knows

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, civil war 2.0 may yet result, only it will likely be blessedly short as surrounding a number of blue cities and cutting off all commerce, energy, food deliveries and exit avenues will change the situation remarkably quick for wannabe tyrants. There is a reason why Il Douchessa Pelosi wants 25,000 NG troops around the capitol (gosh, whatever will she do if the governors call them all home, don’t think the DC police will manage to fill the gaps, eh?)

Interesting times indeed.

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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