So how did your childhood go?

Age 8 – cap guns, some with spring loaded plastic bullets – great fun with dominoes at 3 yards

Age 9 – Dick Tracy machine gun – caps and plastic spring loaded bullets fired – noise mostly

Age 10 – First Daisy BB rifle – off to target shoot and hunt mice in the fields (and slinghsots

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, gotta have those)

Age -12 – Diana .177 pellet rifle, break barrel single shot, lead pellets , mice and occasional crow

Age 15 – Learn how to handle a .22 Pellet rifle and .410 shotty, first for targets, cans and rats, second for prairie dogs. A 22 LR came along in there too.

Age 18 – Colt .45 and M-1 Garand (basic training and qualification)

Age 19 – M2 .50 cal deck mounted, assorted flare and grenade launchers, Thompson SMG  and a few things bigger that shall not be named.

So, how did your childhood run on up to early adulthood with this theme?

(And yes, fed up with the news,  taking a more pleasant tack for a short while)

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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