A country exists when a group of men (this means what it says), decide they want to have control over the destiny of their lands and assure a better future for their progeny.

Patria means homeland, thus a stable (IE no warring people trying to take your land and possessions) homeland is a basic desire of *most* people (* I qualify this for a reason). Thus a patriot is nothing more than someone that wants a peaceful and fruitful existence for himself


, his family, his descendants and by relationships, his community. This is not a hard concept to digest.

The founders of this country known as the United States of America

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, were peeved, going on mighty upset over the fact that while belonging to the humanity descended from those living in the land called England (AKA United Kingdom ) they were not citizens of England in that as Subjects they had very little say on decisions made thousands of miles away which affected their ability to prosper. Now they were self taught men and being that books and apprenticeship were basically the only paths to gain knowledge, well read in the philosophical, political religious and scientific writings of their day.

They were well aware that the “United Kingdom” was so formed by war and assimilation over more than a millennia, developing into a feudal system of governance with a king, lords and subjects (not citizens, as a subject is just that, a person subject to the actions of another, filtering down from the top of the heap, that being the King (or Queen)). As subjects, they suffered the whims and foibles of man with little avenue for redress. Laws could be arbitrary and wars frequent between persons seeking power and wealth of the throne.

Being well read, they knew that other systems of governance among peoples had been tried, some worked for a while, some for longer periods, but in general, all failed after a time. Feudalism, Tribalism, Dictatorships, Democracies and Republics were all studied from historical record and living experience.

The decision to break away from the King and form a new country with stable laws and greater opportunity to thrive was reached by a sufficient number of persons as to gain a following, along with a great effort by the core group to educate others on why this was a good idea. The Federalist papers and other publications (considered sedition against the King) were circulated and much was discussed in pubs and homes of the thirteen colonies at the time.

These patriots sought to control their own destiny and break away from the rule of kings. As we sit here in the nation they founded, it suffices to say they were successful through a series of battles, political maneuvering with enemies of the king and divine providence.

We celebrate this monumental achievement every Fourth of July, where we can enjoy what all Patriots existing before us forged in this nation. But not all is well in “la Patria”, there are fair numbers of persons no longer cognizant of the history of the world and of this country, thus easily swayed by sweet words and false promises of those seeking wealth and dominance over others, without honest labour.

As we are now aware, there are those who gain wealth and power through the destruction of a free society

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, seeking to place themselves in the same position as King (or Queen) making us subjects once more. If you doubt this you have no more than to look at the two tiered system of justice that appears to exist, where the wealthy and politically connected suffer no consequences for unlawful actions and the harm they bring to others not so fortunate. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and it is being ignored by too many.

I bid you all enjoy the bounty of this nation on the 4th of July, but keep a keen eye on the doings of any and all person in a position of power from your local level on up. Those that overstep the authority vested in them by We the People, should be removed by vote or recall before other methods are called upon.

Enjoy this day where we can marvel at the bounty a truly free and Patriotic society has provided.

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By Terrapod

Born in small country in S. America, U.S. citizen since '85, EE, Marketing, Sales, Shade Tree Mechanic, collector of things interesting including good friends from all walks, especially those that partake single malts.

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